Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 937: Code One

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Chapter 937: Code One

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"If not for you, all these conspiracies would not have been discovered. If not for you, God knows what would have happened to this country."

Xinghe\'s ability and brain had gone way beyond their expectations. She was shrewd; no matter the issue, as long as there was small clue, she could reconstruct the whole thing. The computing power of her brain was unimaginable. There was none who had seen her ability in person that had not been impressed by her.

The Vice President also praised her. "Miss Xia, you are the most capable woman I have had the fortune of meeting in my life. I hope you will continue to contribute to this country in the future. I am sure that, with talent like yours, this country will progress greatly, and you will be able to bring about wonderful change."

The Vice President seemed have a hidden meaning in his words. The curiosity made Elder Shen and Madam President share a look with each other. There was a glow in Mubai\'s eyes. Xinghe, of course, had heard the message within Vice President\'s words. He was asking her to join the world of politics. He believed in her capability; she would reach the greatest heights.

"Every citizen is responsible for their country, and I am only doing my civic duty. If the country needs me, of course, I will lend my aid," Xinghe said in a tone that was neither humble nor pushy.

"Good, well said!" The Vice President was glad, his admiration toward her only increased. "Compared to you, the Tong family is nothing but an ugly stain that brings humiliation to this great country! After we get the evidence tomorrow, we mustn\'t forgive them."

"Not yet." Xinghe shook her head. "Temporarily, we mustn\'t go after them."

"Why not?" The Vice President and the rest asked in shock.

Xinghe looked toward Mubai, and after getting a subtle nod from him, she explained, "The Tong family is nothing but a pawn for someone else. Without them, they will still continue with their plan. However, now, we cannot let another accident happen or the country will be thrown into chaos. Therefore, we cannot go after Tong family temporarily, and this will buy us some breathing time."

The Vice President and the rest\'s faces hardened. Xinghe was right. The day the cure for the virus was created, the President was assassinated. These two events were a giant blow to the country\'s morale.

If they captured the Tong family there and then, the bigger mastermind would know their scheme had been exposed. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, they might commit even atrocious schemes like a direct war.

After all, Country W and a few others had been trying to suppress Hwa Xia for so many years; it was common knowledge that they had prepared a large military should the situation call for it. The few countries were only peaceful on the surface; war was not completely impossible.

When that happened, the real victim would be innocent citizens. Even though Hwa Xia was not afraid of war, they did not want to bring harm to the citizens. Furthermore, it was not only one country that wanted to come after them. If Hwa Xia was attacked by multiple countries… the consequences could be dire!

Therefore, the peaceful façade could not be torn open, at least not yet.

"Yes, we can only resolve this in secret, and we must be extremely careful," the Vice President said solemnly.

"But we have to increase our military power. Code one, initiating now," Elder Shen announced.