Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 934: Confirm Her Suspicion

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Chapter 934: Confirm Her Suspicion

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe\'s clear voice suddenly rang out.

The doctor looked at her in shock and nodded like crazy, as if he had finally found his ally. "Yes! That is exactly what happened! I indeed lost consciousness, and I have no idea what I was doing."

"Can you still remember what the two of them looked like?" Xinghe asked.

The doctor shook his head dumbly. "I can\'t, I only remember them arguing but nothing beyond that."

"Then what were they arguing about?"

The doctor was stunned. Indeed, what were they arguing about.

The doctor combed his brain for answer, but he still shook his head. "I can\'t remember, I can\'t believe it, but I really cannot remember. I can only remember how noisy they were, like bees, buzzing around in my brain."

Basically, he had no clue. At this part of the interrogation, Xinghe had essentially confirmed her suspicion. Her face dropped.

The doctor thought this meant she did not trust him and he added nervously, "I was not lying, everything I said was the truth. If I\'m lying, then…"

"I believe you," Xinghe interrupted him. Both the doctor and the Vice President were stunned beyond words. When the Vice President wanted to ask her why, the Vice President\'s secretary\'s voice floated from beyond the door. "Senior Official Tong, why are you here?"

"I heard that the Vice President has come here, so I came to take a look," Tianrong said in a low growl.

Xinghe and the Vice President shared a look. This person sure acts fast.

"Stand up quickly, if you don\'t want this criminal charge to stick on you, breathe no word of what you just said to anyone else. Be patient for a while longer, and we will get to the bottom of this." Just as Xinghe finished whispering into the doctor\'s ears, the door was pushed open and Tianrong stepped in. Trailing behind him was Tong Liang. The doctor climbed back up into his seat, but his two legs were still shaking.

Tianrong\'s sharp gaze swept over everyone there before turning respectfully to the Vice President. "Mr. Vice President, why are you here? Is it to interrogate the criminal? You should have told me, and I would have gladly accompanied you."

The Vice President responded in kind, "The Madam President wanted my help to find out some things, so she had us come here. It\'s nothing, and I have the answers she needed, so we\'re just about to leave."

"I wonder what kind of questions Madam President is interested in; I am sure my men will help her get a more complete answer," Tianrong said in a voice full of justice.

The Vice President said directly, "It\'s nothing, she wanted to know why this man decided to attack the President, but he did not give us anything usable."

"Mr. Vice President, I really did not do it on purpose, and I have no idea what happened to me! You have to believe me, I did not mean it!" The doctor took his cue and dropped to his knees and started crying.

The Vice President stepped out his way and huffed coldly, "Whether you meant it or not, you have committed a grave sin! So, whether you intended it or not, we will continue this investigation, and if you really are guilty, you will definitely be punished to the full extent of law!"

After that angry speech, he strode out of the room. Xinghe and Tianrong\'s entourage followed closely behind.

When they were outside, while nursing his residual anger, the Vice President ordered Tianrong, "Elder Tong, you have to get to the bottom of this; there can be no mistake or oversight, do you understand?"