Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 931: Secret

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Chapter 931: Secret

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Tianrong suppressed his voice and said, "Even though he\'s still alive, at least he\'s incapacitated. The plan is going smoothly."

Tong Liang smirked. "Yes, the plan is going well. Father, we have to be careful, especially since we are only lacking that one last step; we mustn\'t let anyone disrupt our plan."

Tianrong\'s gaze darkened and he smiled chillingly. "Don\'t worry, this time, no one will be able to stand in our way!"

"Auntie, Grandpa, what exactly happened?" Xinghe asked after everyone had left. There had been too many people just now, which had prevented her from speaking her mind, but now she could continue without filtering anything.

Madam President sighed with regret. "It is like what you heard. The doctor suddenly attacked the President like he was possessed; no one saw it coming."

"He was cruel, like the President had done some great sin by him. If not for the mechanical heart that maintained the basic function of his heart, we would not have been able to save the President," Lu Qi said solemnly. He did not mention those things earlier, so now when he did, Xinghe and the rest felt a chill.

Madam President grabbed Xinghe\'s arm like she needed her for support.

"Xinghe, you have saved him again." Madam President\'s eyes were red from tears. Xinghe did not expect the mechanical heart would save the President\'s life.

"Auntie, this is because uncle has always been a good man; this is his good karma helping him," Xinghe consoled her.

Madam President nodded. "Yes, he is a good man and a good president, but in that case, why would that doctor harm him so ruthlessly?"

Everyone was confused by this. Mubai asked darkly, "Who is that doctor?"

Lu Qi answered, "Just a normal doctor. He is a good doctor and has always been kind around the staff and patients. He comes from a happy background. If you ask me, I don\'t believe he would harm the President. For some reason, I feel there are some problems here that we have overlooked."

"What problem?" they all asked in unison.

"After he harmed the President, he was soon discovered and easily detained. When I came to the room, I heard him screaming that he was innocent, and he claimed he had no idea what came over him. He said he did not mean it, and he was possessed or something of that sort. I was in the hurry to save the President, so I did not pay him much attention, but I have a feeling this is more complicated than it seems."

When they heard him, both Xinghe and Mubai visibly startled. They turned to look at each other out of habit and saw the confirmation in each other\'s eyes.

"What, have you two thought of something?" Elder Shen asked; he did not miss the shocked expression and communication that passed between them.

Xinghe said seriously, "We cannot be sure for now, but we need to meet that doctor. Auntie, can you arrange for us to meet him? Maybe we can find out more from him."

There was an urgency to her tone which the Madam President did not comment on before she said, "Alright, I\'ll have it arranged now."

To prevent the tragedy from dragging on, Madam President collected herself and had the Vice President bring Xinghe and Mubai to meet the doctor.

The Vice President was the President\'s personal friend and most trusted confidant, plus with him leading the charge, no one dared to stop them.