Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 930: Changes

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Chapter 930: Changes

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Xinghe frowned. "But why would a doctor suddenly attack the President?"

"That is still under investigation and the doctor is being interrogated." It was Tong Liang who answered Xinghe.

Xinghe turned to look at her and asked, "Then, have you found out anything from the interrogation?"

"I\'m sorry, I\'m not sure; that is confidential information." There was a curious smugness in Tong Liang\'s voice. Xinghe turned her head away, pretending not to have noticed anything. After all, it was not the time to conduct an investigation; the President\'s life was more important. He must be saved because too many things hung in the balance!

Everyone waited, nursing their own anxiety; the atmosphere was positively suffocating.

Even outside the hospital, everyone was nervous. Many had a sleepless night, fidgeting about. If something really happened to the President, then the power structure in Hwa Xia would change drastically. With such a tectonic shift, many would be hurt. Therefore, the atmosphere of uncertainty was thick that night.

Xinghe sat down beside Elder Shen and stared at the surgery room door calmly. Her eyes were dark, so no one could tell what she was thinking.

Everyone else was nursing their own ambitions as they all concentrated on the surgery room door; it was like a Pandora \'s Box; no one could tell what would happen when it opened.

However, Xinghe did not miss the excitement and joy in Tong Liang\'s eyes. She studied her closely for a while before lowering her gaze.

Some hours later…

When everyone felt like a century had passed, the door was finally pushed open. Everyone seemed to be spurred into motion and all rushed toward it.

A tired Lu Qi exited the room and consoled everyone, "Don\'t worry, the President has escaped critical condition, but he is still in a weakened physical state."

His words made everyone other than Tong Liang and Tianrong sigh in relief.

"The President is really safe?" Madam President asked cautiously as joy crept into her voice.

"Yes, didn\'t I hear that he was seriously injured? Doctor Lu, are you sure he is safe?" Tianrong asked in faux concern.

Lu Qi nodded firmly. "Yes, we managed to save his life, but since his body is already weakened and is still recovering from the earlier illness, this sudden attack will leave serious residual problems."

Madam President forced a smile through her sadness. "As long as he is still alive, nothing else matters, yes, as long as he is still alive."

"Yes, thank God for keeping him alive," Elder Shen said with deep appreciation.

Most of the others did not share their thoughts. They were not dummies; they could predict what would happen next. The president\'s physical condition had been deteriorating. With this series of events, it was certain that he would need to retire from his presidential position. Therefore, there was going to be a tectonic change in Hwa Xia!

The President was sent to the ICU, and after checking on him personally and ensuring he was still alive, everyone left one after another. It was not the time to stay at the hospital because they needed to prepare for things to come.

Tong Liang and Tianrong left after they made sure that the President was indeed too weak to continue his presidential duties. When this pair of father and daughter left, they looked at each other, communicating the joy of their successful scheme with a smile.