Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 927: Earth Shattering Conspiracy

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Chapter 927: Earth Shattering Conspiracy

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She had not spoken a word to Sam and the rest about the conspiracy.

"What conspiracy?" Sam and the rest looked at him with shock. Even though they\'d already suspected there was something big at work, it was obvious the conspiracy Mubai had in mind was different than theirs.

Mubai did not answer them directly but turned Xinghe to confirm, "Am I right?"

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, if I\'m not mistaken, someone is cooking a giant conspiracy."

"Xinghe, what is this conspiracy?" Ali asked.

Xinghe turned toward them and announced seriously, "Someone is trying to ruin Hwa Xia."

"What‽" The few of them widened their eyes in shock. Someone was planning to ruin… Hwa Xia. Hwa Xia currently held an important position on the world stage. It had witnessed a meteoric rise in the recent years, causing many other counties to be envious and cautious about it, but they did not think that people would be audacious and crazy enough to want to ruin Hwa Xia.

It was Mubai as had said, a real conspiracy. Then again, even an Earth-threatening crisis had occurred, what else was impossible?

Sam and the rest did not think Xinghe was pulling their leg. They processed the truth quickly and they believed Xinghe was right.

The virus had plenty to do with Shi Jian and the guys. They were taken away by the United Nations, but this meant that this virus was related to United Nations; this went to prove that certain countries really harbored mal-intention toward Hwa Xia.

Without the cure, the virus could wipe out half of the country, and with the country heavily wounded, any country could come to deal the fatal blow. Therefore, Hwa Xia\'s collapse was not entirely impossible…

The more they thought about it, the more worried Sam and the rest became.

"But who wants to come after Hwa Xia?" The answer came to him as soon as the question left his mouth. "It\'s Country W and Country C, isn\'t it?"

These two countries\' hostility toward Xinghe at the conference was much too obvious.

Xinghe nodded. "Definitely them, but there might be other countries as well."

"This is horrible. How can they do this after the world just survived a crisis? Humanity should be united, not fighting like this!" Ali said indignantly.

"We have to inform them of the truth," Cairn reminded everything.

"The top officials already know," Xinghe said which brought plenty of relief to everything. Xinghe quickly added, "Keep this information to yourself, we don\'t want to alert our enemies."

"Okay, don\'t worry, we will keep this highly confidential," all of them promised solemnly, and Xinghe trusted them.

After returning to the Hills Residence, Mubai continued with the conversation with Xinghe alone. Mubai did not expect Xinghe to stumble across such a hidden conspiracy while he was down with the sickness for a few days. Hwa Xia was at the brink of destruction, and as a citizen of the country, Mubai felt responsible.

After knowing the truth, none of them could stay their hands. After all, if the country fell, they would all suffer a huge blow.

"What did the top officials say?" Mubai asked her darkly.

Xinghe answered mildly, "At least they did not think my warning was unfounded. Security has been heightened and investigations are being conducted in the dark. They also asked for my help since I am familiar with Shi Jian\'s group and have solved a world crisis."

"But they must have planned more than this if they want to destroy Hwa Xia," Mubai analyzed, "I don\'t think they are capable of swallowing us with just one virus outbreak."

Xinghe nodded. "I think so, too. Therefore, they must have something else lined up."

"We have to be careful around the Tong family." Mubai narrowed his eyes. "It is obvious that Tong Liang is colluding with them, but this also means that if we want to know more about their sinister plan, we can use the Tong family as the opening."