Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 925: That Drop of Sweat

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Chapter 925: That Drop of Sweat

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Her existence made him feel so dirty. She had no right to exist as Xia Wa\'s daughter…

"Don\'t forget my condition, I need her dead," He Lan Yuan announced coldly.

The man smiled thinly. "Naturally, we have not forgotten our contract."

"Then, make it quick, I can\'t stand knowing she is still alive." He Lan Yuan\'s speech turned icier. He really could not wait for Xinghe to die because her existence was a direct humiliation to him!

The conference was finally over. When they returned backstage, everyone came to praise and congratulate Xinghe. Her performance that day had simply been gorgeous. Tong Liang had no choice but to follow suit. "Miss Xia, congratulations, you did a wonderful job out there."

"This is just a start," Xinghe stared at her and commented. Her answer was confusing. Before Tong Liang could understand what she meant, Xinghe left. Watching her retreating back, for some reason, Tong Liang felt anxiety cropped up within her.

However, she was going to achieve her greatest dream soon, when that happened, Xia Xinghe would have to bow to her no matter how powerful she was!

Tong Liang could not help smiling smugly, thinking about how close she was to achieving her dream. However, her smile quickly turned into a frown when she remembered the virus had been cured. This was different from planned; it should not have been cured so soon.

Tong Liang soon left the scene, rushing to come up with a solution.

After Xinghe\'s group left the conference, they charged toward the hospital. Lu Qi had created the cure, but she needed to know whether Mubai had been given the vaccine or not.

Along the way, Sam and the rest kept heaping on praises, but Xinghe only nodded non-committedly; she just wanted to reach the hospital. When they did arrive, Xinghe practically leaped out of the car to find Mubai. Before she reached his room, she saw Lu Qi.

Lu Qi seemed to read her mind and said with a giant smile, "He has mostly recovered, go on in, he\'s inside."

"Thank you so much," Xinghe thanked him seriously.

Lu Qi was dead tired, but his smile was as bright as ever. "I should thank you, without you, we would not have been able to create the cure."

"But without you, the cure would not have been created so soon," Xinghe said before she rushed into the sickbay.

The moment she pushed open the door, she was greatly assaulted on her sense of sight and smell!

The air was suffused with the smell of disinfectant; it stung her nose. Mubai stood beside the bed and was facing away from her as he disrobed. He folded the white hospital gown carefully, exposing his golden brown, powerful back.

A drop of sweat trickled down following the contours of his back muscles; the view was curiously sexual like there was a heavy hint of testosterone in the air. Xinghe\'s sight was fully captured by that one drop of sweat.

She stopped in her motion and froze on the spot. Mubai turned around from the sound of the door opening. The sight of her set his dark eyes ablaze with passion. Xinghe met his gaze, and her mind seemed to overload from multiple stimuli…

When she recovered, she was already in the shadow of the tall, handsome man. Even though Xinghe was not short, Mubai was taller than her; he was at least one head taller than she was.

The man lowered his head and leaned in; the scent of his sweat permeated her surroundings, and to Xinghe\'s surprise, she found herself liking the smell!