Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 924: Won Over the Whole World

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Chapter 924: Won Over the Whole World

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

There was no woman or man more capable than Xinghe in the world. No one could challenge her acceptance of the post. Her young age and inexperience did not detract from her ability.

From that moment onwards, no one dared to question her anymore. Her brilliant performance that day had dominated and won over the whole world…

The applause continued for a long time, and Tong Liang had a hard time suppressing the envy and viciousness in her eyes. She had taken so long and wasted so much energy only to garner the support of part of Hwa Xia\'s people, but Xinghe had used only one press conference to win over the whole world.

This unappealing comparison caused great fear in her heart. However, no matter how hard she hated this, she had to present a congratulatory and happy face to the world; she had to act happy for Xinghe because it was her responsibility as Hwa Xia\'s citizen to do so.

The press conference soon drew to a close. Before the applause ended, Xinghe stood up slowly and used Hwa Xia\'s language to announce grandly, "Everyone, before the conference comes to a close, I wish to inform you of some good news. This virus outbreak has been taken care of! Our doctors have successfully researched the cure; this tragedy is over! We have won!"

What‽ Everyone was still in shock. Tong Liang was the most surprised. What is Xia Xinghe talking about?

"Has it really been taken care of?"

"The cure has been found?"

Numerous reporters stormed forward and pressed their microphones before her. Xinghe answered calmly, "Yes, congratulations because we have defeated the virus."

"How did you know that?"

"When did this happen…"

Finally, the focus of the reporters shifted away from her and to the virus and its cure. Xinghe answered every question patiently. She was surrounded by the reporters, the flashing cameras lighting her up like diamond. The whole world was watching her because she was like an alluring treasure attracting their attention.

Tianxin and others in jail stared at her on screen and felt a curious pain stabbing at their hearts. They were not envious of Xinghe\'s glory and glow because they felt, for some reason, that they had lost even the qualification to hate her…

She had moved beyond their realm into a world where they could not touch her. They had lost even the qualification to hate her. This contrast angered them deeply, but at the same time, brought them a heavy sense of helplessness.

Saohuang, though, had a different opinion in mind. He stared intensely at Xinghe on the screen, and there was something boiling in his dark, bottomless eyes. There was something that wanted to escape from his chest.

At that moment, he desperately wanted to leave his cage, but he knew the time was not yet ripe. One day, he would be out there; he had to be out there. Saohuang continued staring at Xinghe inside the television, and his lips curved into a sinful smile…

In the secret that kept He Lan Yuan locked up, a man asked him in a wicked tone, "She has her own unique charm, wouldn\'t you agree?"

Staring at Xinghe on the television, the emotions at the bottom of He Lan Yuan\'s eyes were inscrutably complicated; there seemed to be heavy doses of both resentment and nostalgia.

He saw a lot of Xia Wa in Xinghe, but at the same time, he was reminded of the fact Xinghe was the biggest mistake in Xia Wa\'s perfect life!