Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 922: Wonderful Answer

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Chapter 922: Wonderful Answer

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Country W\'s reporter went after Xinghe so harshly when she had only just been appointed; this was way too fishy. Ambassador Zhou and the rest all frowned unconsciously. Smugness flashed across Tong Liang\'s eyes.

This Xia Xinghe really thinks being an ambassador is so easy? She will soon find out this identity will not only not bring her any benefits but will also smear her name. An ambassador\'s image is related to a country\'s image. If Xinghe answers this question unsatisfactorily, she will make a fool of herself and the entirety of Hwa Xia.

The reporter\'s question was unusually caustic and was purposely designed to trip Xinghe who had no prior experience in this field. He wanted to shame Hwa Xia.

Tong Liang was satisfied and excited as she waited for Xinghe\'s reply. Before the translator did her work, Xinghe answered directly in Country W\'s language with a perfect accent, "Thank you for the question. This virus outbreak did happen during the academic competition held by my academy, and I am deeply shocked, sorry, and saddened by it. Saddened because the sudden outbreak has taken so many lives and has brought so much pain to the citizens of this country and friends from other countries.

"I felt deeply disappointed with myself because I was unable to give them any relief from the illness\' torment. Therefore, the reason I accepted this ambassador\'s role is because I wish to step out to tell everyone that, while Hwa Xia and myself personally are saddened by this development, we will also do our best to fight this illness with everything we\'ve got.

"I understand your anger and disappointment toward us, so I promise we will not give up on any patients, no matter their nationality, we will not give up on them. We will do everything to save them!

"Therefore, no matter how bad the international relationship and diplomatic situations have become due to misunderstandings or reproach, it will not extinguish our desire to combat this tragedy or our faith to save every patient. Tragedies are everywhere and can strike at any moment. Be it now or in the future, for the sake of world peace, we will only make the correct decision. That is my answer to your question, thank you."

Xinghe\'s calm and collected answer ended in a standstill that lasted for a second before the hall exploded in thunderous applaud. Her answer was wonderful. She did not avoid Country W\'s reporter\'s question.

She answered his question but not directly. However, she did manage to state Hwa Xia\'s standpoint and determination.

She told them that tragedies were everywhere, thus extricating Hwa Xia from the cause-and-effect of the virus outbreak. However, this did not mean that Hwa Xia would not take responsibility because she also promised to value all the patient\'s lives.

At the same time, she brought up the possibility of a broken international relationship was due to misunderstandings. Even so, Hwa Xia would maintain its standpoint which was to make the correct decision. They would not abandon any patient due to their nationality and would do anything to save their lives.

She managed to build a peace-loving positive image for Hwa Xia, and this in return, lowered the image of those countries who had been trying to slander Hwa Xia\'s name recently.

In any case, Xinghe\'s short speech seemed to have solved all the problems facing the country. It also deterred the rest of reporters from asking other sensitive questions like that anymore.