Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 919: Xinghe as Ambassador

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Chapter 919: Xinghe as Ambassador

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The wolves in sheep\'s clothing were plotting something big. Elder Shen sighed with equal measure shock and disappointment. "Humanity\'s biggest crisis in history has just blown over and they\'re already ready to tear into each other. These bunch of ingrates… have they forgotten who saved them‽"

It was Xinghe who stopped He Lan Yuan\'s from destroying the world. Xinghe said objectively, "This is the best time for them to act. Our crisis is their opportunity. Plus, it is times like these that change will often come."

Elder Shen, of course, understood all this, but that did not dampen his fury. "It\'s nothing new that those countries want to target us, but the worst is that Tong Liang. As someone from Hwa Xia, she has the audacity to sell out her own country! This kind of traitor should never be forgiven. Unfortunately, we don\'t have any evidence against her now or I would personally go to end her!"

"I can find the proof," Xinghe said suddenly.

Elder Shen was shocked before breaking into a huge smile. "Really, you can find the proof of her betraying this country?"

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, but I cannot guarantee it a hundred percent, only eighty percent. However, even if we manage to get the proof, we will let her live for now."

"Why?" Elder Shen questioned.

A vindictiveness flashed across Xinghe\'s eyes. "Because we need her to lead us to the mastermind. After all, she is just a pawn."

Comprehension dawned for Elder Shen. "You\'re right, she is just a pawn for the other countries. Yes, we do need her so that we can see what they\'re really up to."

After all, everything so far was merely their hypothesis; there was no concrete proof. For the sake of acquiring proof on the whole conspiracy, they needed to continue leading Tong Liang on.

However, they could not sit idly after they had discovered their ruse with the contagious virus. Elder Shen knew the gravity of the situation; he immediately took Xinghe to the President\'s House to meet with Madam President.

Madam President called for a secret meeting among the country\'s trusted advisors when she was told their speculation. They all decided to designate Xinghe as Hwa Xia\'s ambassador to oversee this situation.

With her identity as the woman who had saved the world, she was the best woman for Hwa Xia to liaise with other countries. Other than that, other countries would lay off pressuring Hwa Xia to give her face.

Of course, this was all a front. The real purpose was to have her gain direct contact with other countries, to find out more about this dark conspiracy.

The officials from Hwa Xia relied on her because they were impressed with her ability and observation skills. They also believed there was no better candidate than her for this mission.

Just like that, Xinghe soon became Hwa Xia\'s ambassador. This was the first time ever since the country was established that such a high-ranking role had been given so directly to someone without experience and on such short notice. Her appointment, when broadcast to the world, shocked everyone.

However, no one thought too much of it since it was a critical time. Xinghe not only had impressive skills but had also contributed a lot to this world, so she was more than qualified to accept the role.

The citizens of Hwa Xia mostly accepted it; the voices of protest were few and far between. Furthermore, Xinghe\'s posting got the majority of the votes in congress, so the protests, if there were any, were pointless.

However, this position only looked glorious on the surface. In reality, Xinghe was going to get herself stuck within the hidden power clashes between countries.

Her responsibility started immediately, because that night, there was an international press conference.