Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 918: Collusion

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Chapter 918: Collusion

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Xinghe stopped before Mubai\'s sickbay and looked in through the small and thick pane of glass. Her eyes glistened slightly, but she left soon after; there was no observable change of her expression.

However, her friends knew she was worried about Mubai. She was not one to openly display her emotions; she kept them all locked up in her heart.

Thankfully, Mubai would be cured soon because they had found the cure.

Over the past few days, they\'d felt suffocated, but finally, they\'d finally seen a ray of hope. It was the same for Xinghe.

However, when they stepped out of the hospital, they were surrounded by a horde of reporters. Numerous cameras and microphones were aimed at them.

"Miss Xia, would you like to comment on this virus outbreak? The public says the catalyst for it was the Academic Olympics your academy organized, do you have any comment on that?"

"Miss Xia, there are rumors that this virus outbreak is part of a bigger conspiracy, can you confirm that? Is the conspiracy related to you?"

"You just came out of the hospital, is it because you went to pay the victims a visit? How is the situation in there, and how are the patients coping?"

"Miss Xia…"

"Please excuse us, we have no comment."

Sam and his group shoved the reported forcefully out of the way to let Xinghe pass. Xinghe jumped into the car, and up until the engine started, the gaggle of reporters refused to give up. It wasn\'t until they stopped chasing the car that Xinghe and the rest heaved a sigh of relief.

"Where did they come from? They\'re like piranhas," Ali said helplessly.

Xinghe did not answer but ordered Cairn who was driving, "Go to the Shen family residence."

"Okay." Cairn turned the steering wheel to head toward the Shen family.

The one who was the most affected by this event was Xinghe because this virus outbreak had started at her competition. Many wished for her to come out to give an explanation, but what explanation could she give? This conspiracy was bigger than she could imagine.

She only had one person in close proximity who she could discuss this with, Elder Shen. After the incident, the Shen family had been trying to help Xinghe deal with certain issues. The focus had shifted from her to Hwa Xia.

When Xinghe arrived, she had a secret meeting with Elder Shen in his study for a long time. She revealed everything to him, including how she\'d found the cure and her suspicions about Tong Liang.

Elder Shen was shocked to his core. "You mean the United Nations is behind this and Tong Liang has colluded with them."

Xinghe nodded. "Yes. If the cure can reverse the effect of the virus, then it definitely came from the people from the moon. Therefore, we can now see that the United Nations was plying its own agenda when they took them away."

Elder Shen knew what she was hinting at. "You think they are planning to use them to come after us… Hwa Xia?"

"Yes, but there is too much speculation; I do not dare say I am one hundred percent sure," Xinghe said solemnly. Elder Shen understood her caution. This was a large conspiracy. If it was true, then the whole of Hwa Xia was hanging in balance…

However, at this point, the world had even been threatened by a mad space scientist, so what was impossible?

Furthermore, Country W\'s recent actions did lend validity to this speculation.