Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 917: The Cure

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Chapter 917: The Cure

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The conditions of more and more patients had worsened. The symptoms of the illness were unbearably cruel. The victims would suffer from a scratchy throat, rashes all over their body, and loss of appetite.

The worst was the feverish fainting spell. They would drift in and out of consciousness, and some would never wake up. The hospital was hectic; every medical worker was busy saving lives.

After Xinghe\'s group put on the hazmat suits, they entered the quarantined area that housed all the victims.

When they entered, it felt like they were walking into a warzone. Nurses and doctors rushed from one end to another and the patients\' painful wailings and moaning were a constant fixture. The only rest the doctors and nurses could afford were forty-winks leaning against the wall; some even directly slept on the floor. There was a heavy miasma of death and despair filling the area…

Xinghe\'s group felt something weighing heavily on their hearts as they their surroundings all in. They really questioned the humanity of the culprit who had created this hell on Earth. When they\'d used the same method at the orphanage, it had been to save the children. However, this tragedy had no silver lining to it.

Currently, at least a hundred people had died, and if the hospital still could not come up with the cure, everyone there would die…

However, the research for the cure had stagnated. Even Lu Qi felt despair pressing down on him. He walked out of a sickbay and slumped in defeat on a hospital stool. He rejected one of the nurses offer to massage his shoulders.

Then, he turned to see Xinghe\'s group walking toward him. His face only paled even more because Mubai\'s condition had worsened. Furthermore, he was barely keeping the President alive; he could pass away at any minute. Lu Qi felt like he had failed as a doctor.

When Xinghe\'s group got near, he sighed in anguish. "I am sorry, but it is not looking good for Mubai. I have tried everything I can, but the most I can do is prolong the inevitable, and I am not sure even that\'s a good thing, considering it only adds to the patient\'s torment."

"You don\'t need to apologize to me, and everything is going to come to an end soon," Xinghe said suddenly.

Lu Qi was startled and raised his head to look at her with confusion.

Xinghe passed him a USB drive and said, "If I am not mistaken, inside here will be the cure for this virus. I will leave the rest to you."

"What‽" Lu Qi sprang up in a hurry, his eyes widening with disbelief. "You have found a method to create the cure?"

"Yes, the method is all inside here. Unfortunately, I am not able to understand it, but it is incredibly detailed. I am sure you will be able to do what I am unable to," Xinghe said with confidence.

Lu Qi said with apparent excitement, "Where did you find this?"

"I will tell you later, go make the cure first."

"Okay!" Lu Qi accepted the USB drive without hesitation. He trusted Xinghe fully. If she said the USB drive contained the cure, then the USB drive contained the cure. Lu Qi practically flew to the research lab.

Xinghe\'s group knew they could not stay there for too long and left soon after. Even though she wanted to go visit Mubai, other than qualified doctors, no one was allowed to go into the sickbays.