Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 916: Let's Play

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Chapter 916: Let\'s Play

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It was as she\'d expected.

"How is it?" Ee Chen and the rest crowded around her in a hurry to see the information within. They saw a series of detailed information regarding the virus. It not only recorded the origin of the virus, but also its structural composition and its cure. The described symptoms were completely similar to what had happened a few days earlier.

This was the information Xinghe had pulled from the pen drive. Ee Chen and the rest were stunned when they saw this information.

"It really is related to Shi Jian and the guys…" Sam uttered with disbelief.

"Why would they do this? Or are they perhaps being taken advantage of?" Ali also found it hard to accept.

Xinghe stood up to announce, "We will discuss that later. We must go the hospital now and put a stop to this evil scheme!"

"Yes!" All of them replied in unison. They reached the hospital in record time.

However, they found an unwanted visitor there. Tong Liang had been spending time at the hospital often, like she was afraid that the people did not know she cared about these patients.

Then, the two sides naturally met. When they saw her, Sam and his group darkened their face, and they projected open hostility at her. Tong Liang did the same thing. However, a fake smile still hung on her face.

"Xia Xinghe, and I here I thought you people had gone into hiding," Tong Liang said tauntingly, the actual meaning of her sentence was clear as day. She was still hinting at Xinghe as the real culprit.

"Why should I go into hiding?" Xinghe smiled. "If anything, maybe Miss Tong should try that, after all, there is no telling what might happen next."

"What could happen?" Tong Liang raised her brow.

"Miss Tong busies herself with many things. Not only do you come to make the rounds visiting patients, you also take care of them personally. I worry for Miss Tong. However, Miss Tong doesn\'t look like she is afraid of infection; Miss Tong\'s physical condition is indeed uniquely better than everyone else\'s." Xinghe could also play at this game.

Tong Liang\'s gaze darted about slightly and said, "Then I thank you for your concern, but it is only reasonable that I care about the patient in spite of the threat of infection. Not only will I care about them, I will also apprehend the real culprit to expose her to the whole world. No matter who she is, she will not escape judgement."

The use of the female pronoun did not escape Xinghe\'s notice.

"Wonderfully said, no matter who she is, she will not escape judgement. I wish to tell her that same thing as well," Xinghe said before parting without goodbye.

As Tong Liang turned to watch them walk away, a flash of unknown dark glow appeared in the depths of her eyes.

"Xinghe, this virus is related to her?" Ali whispered to ask after they had put enough distance between them.

"Yes," Xinghe answered confidently. The people who heard her were shocked.

"But you let her go…"

"That\'s because we don\'t have enough evidence. However, she will not escape. One day, she will fall into our hands," Xinghe said with determination. Tong Liang was part of this conspiracy that had already taken so many lives and was still threatening Mubai\'s. She would never forgive her.

Xinghe swore to expose her and every one of those supporting Tong Liang in the dark. She would shed light on their conspiracy and show them to the world. If these people wanted a fight, she was going to give them one!