Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 915: Strong Xia Xinghe

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Chapter 915: Strong Xia Xinghe

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The virus was scary, if not controlled, the fatality rate would very high. The condition of those who had survived until then had worsened.

This included Mubai. News came from Lu Qi that said he had spent the whole day in and out of consciousness and appeared to be extreme pain. However, when he was conscious, he warned Lu Qi not to tell Xinghe anything.

Xinghe had already told Lu Qi to inform her of everything about Mubai before Mubai even made the threat. Lu Qi was more afraid of Xinghe, so he had no choice but to \'betray\' Mubai.

Xinghe\'s expression remained unmoved even though bad news about Mubai kept pouring in. However, her friends could feel the iciness radiating off her, like they would be frostbitten if they got too close.

What truly impressed her friends was she kept working on the pen drive; nothing appeared to be able to move her away from the mission. However, it was noticeable that she had picked up her speed…

She did not close her eyes over the two days; even her breaks did not last longer than ten minutes. This determination was something her friends had not witnessed before. After knowing her for so long, they\'d thought they had witnessed her limits, but she continued to surprise them time and time again. It was like her pool of power was endless and limitless.

Such an impressive display made them admire her and treasure her. It also fanned their hatred toward the real culprit who had released the virus. They\'d better not let them find out who it was, or they would chop them into pieces!

Not only them, the whole Hwa Xia would not forgive the real culprit because the number of death kept climbing, and the majority of them were from Hwa Xia.

This meant that there were deaths of foreigners as well. With Country W leading the charge, they kept pressuring Hwa Xia. Even the stupidest of Hwa Xia citizens could see they were using this as an excuse to suppress Hwa Xia, especially since the President had fallen ill as well. It was not fresh news that these countries were interested in claiming Hwa Xia as their own. Of course, they would give up on such a perfect opportunity.

They started their plans, first by introducing economic embargo and by conducting a series of military practices…

The hint could not have been clearer!

No one would have thought a virus outbreak could lead to the possibility of war. Hwa Xia seemed to be on the brink of collapsing…

The thing that worried Ali the most was there was already voices critiquing Xinghe and Galaxy Academy. They said this was caused by the Academic Olympics. Thankfully, no one dared to openly suggest they were behind the virus, because after all, Xinghe did save the world before; everyone believed she was a good person. They just demanded an explanation because this virus did start at the academy.

"These people are too much! How can they blame Xinghe?" Ali was furious. "If someone really meant this country harm, even without us, they would have found other opportunities."

"Yes, but we cannot expect the public to be rational," Cairn said darkly. "However, if they plan to harm any of us, then they cannot blame us for their injuries!"

"Regardless, we have to weed out the real culprit first. I really want to teach him a lesson!" Sam hissed.

They were already so angered much less Xinghe. After she cracked the code and flipped through the information within, Xinghe\'s expression darkened.