Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 914: Related to This Virus Outbreak

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Chapter 914: Related to This Virus Outbreak

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It was the thing Shi Jian had snuck to her before he had been taken away. It was locked behind a password. Xinghe had tried hacking it once, but she did not succeed. It was not because the lock was too difficult, but it would take a lot of time due to its complexity. Furthermore, one would have to start anew whenever one stopped half-way.

Xinghe did not have time to sit down to deal with it earlier, but now she had no choice.

"What is in it?" Ee Chen queried. Even though they all suspected it was technological information, at this juncture, no one could be absolutely certain.

"I have no idea what is in it, perhaps it is even empty, or maybe it can confirm my suspicion," Xinghe answered without taking her fingers off the keyboard.

"Your suspicion?" Sam asked.

"I believe it has to do with the virus outbreak."

Her answer startled everyone.

"Xinghe, why would you say that? What is the connection?" Ali gasped in shock. They could not understand her thought process, and thus, had their interest piqued.

Xinghe did not lead them on and explained, "Today, Tong Liang accused us of collaborating with Shi Jian, saying we got the virus from them and planned to use it to destroy the world. Only Shi Jian\'s group is capable enough of creating such a viral virus. Her accusation did remind me, perhaps this virus did come from them."

"Impossible!" Sam retorted immediately. "Shi Jian and the guys would not actively harm this world!"

"That\'s right, I also don\'t think they are that bad." Ali nodded.

Ee Chen frowned at the simplicity of their thoughts and sighed helplessly. "Xinghe did not say they were the one who released it, but they were related to it. Perhaps they were taken advantage of."

This was entirely possible. After all, the pretext used to take them away was completely bonkers. SamWolf felt anxious and angry thinking about this.

"If this is really related to them, then what is the United Nations up to?"

"Why would they do this? Have they lost their mind?"

The few of them felt fear bubbling up within them. This issue seemed to be more complicated and devious than they thought. Xinghe did not answer and focused on her work. She did this for two days straight.

Many things happened within these two days. For example, Tong Liang stopped looking for trouble with Xinghe, and instead, she started doing charity work. She would visit the patients every day and offered ideas to improve the medical service. She even made a public ad to calm the public and taught them how to stay free from infection.

She even helped Hwa Xia\'s foreign affairs department deal with the pressure from other countries by drawing aid from United Nations. She even braved the chance of infection to personally look after a little girl who was infected.

The Tong family had originally been a famous family in City A; Tong Liang\'s father was once a favored president candidate after all.

Furthermore, Tong Liang was young, single and had devoted her life to international work in the United Nations. Her personal involvement in the virus crisis made her a familiar name through Hwa Xia. Everyone loved this woman. Her powerful and kind image won over many hearts.

In just two days, the external world seemed to have changed. Tong Liang soared to become the most famous political member in the country.

At the same time, Mubai\'s condition continued to worsen.