Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 909: Worried About Her

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Chapter 909: Worried About Her

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At that moment, the few mysterious men didn\'t feel guilty but sorry for Xinghe. She had saved the world and captured He Lan Yuan, but she still had to die because she stood in their way of capturing Hwa Xia, this wonderful piece of meat!

The registration lasted half a month and finally drew to a close. The Academic Olympic was about to officially begin.

Galaxy Academy set up five different competition categories, and each category would have a different test subject every day.

The examiner for computer science, mathematics, and physics would be Xinghe. For example, in the test for computer science, she would have the participants crack a system within a time limit; those who managed to hack the system would move on to the next round.

The examiner for medicine was Lu Qi, and for economics, Mubai. The three of them were famed in their respective fields, so as long as the candidates could pass the tests laid down by them, they were definitely talents. And they would extend an olive branch to all these talents.

The first day of the competition was closely followed by the global media; the process of the competition was broadcast live across the globe. Everyone stayed glued in front of their television screens, cheering for their favorite candidates; it was really no different from a sporting event.

Each country had their own representative that they would cheer for. The candidates from Hwa Xia had extra pressure to work harder because they were the home team.

Each round of the competition would eliminate more participants. Those who passed were overjoyed; those who were defeated hung their heads in shame. However, those who passed were also intensely nervous, nervous of being eliminated the next round. Therefore, they did not hold back for the competition, adding more flavor and excitement to the Academic Olympics.

With this, the public\'s focus on the competition only increased. Xinghe\'s purpose of having the competition had mostly been fulfilled.

She had managed to make the name Galaxy Academy famous, and that would, in turn, attract more academics to join them. The President was glad witnessing the competition\'s roaring success; he personally congratulated and praised Xinghe for her vision.

Even Tong Liang congratulated her. She was the representative sent over by the United Nations to oversee this competition.

Tong Liang acted like there was no beef between her and Xinghe. She smiled thinly. "Miss Xia does have her talent, even a competition like this in your hands has become a runaway success. Miss Xia will definitely be Hwa Xia\'s pride and focus in the future."

Xinghe decided to play along for now. "Thank you, Miss Tong, for your kind praise."

"You\'re welcome." Tong Liang smiled, but there seemed to be many secrets behind that simple smile.

Xinghe had her friends pay close attention to Tong Liang in secret; she had a feeling this woman was up to something.

Even though Tong Liang was Hwa Xia\'s citizen and represented the United Nation, and thus should be a lawful citizen, for some reason, Xinghe felt the need to be cautious around her, and her instincts had never failed her before.

However, the ten days Academic Olympics passed in relative peace, and Tong Liang did not do anything suspicious!

Each category had its final winner. The most shining winner was the winner of the computer science category; it was Ee Chen.

He had joined the competition with the label, Xia Xinghe\'s student, on his back. Therefore, his victory brought more glory to Xinghe and Galaxy Academy. If her student was so good, then one could imagine how incredibly powerful she really was.

With Xinghe\'s name on the rise, the reputation of Galaxy Academy was brought up as consequence.