Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 906: Trademark

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Chapter 906: Trademark

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"The term Galaxy is worth castles nowadays. Branding is essential, so if you don\'t use it, what if some other school uses it? In that case, we might as well use it ourselves; this is to tell the world that yours is the original and the rest are copycats."

"That\'s right, you have no idea how famous the term \'Galaxy\' is. I just came back from a stroll of the streets and everywhere I looked there is Galaxy. There are Galaxy Restaurant, Galaxy Hotel, Galaxy Café, Galaxy KTV, and even Galaxy Massage Parlor!" Sam huffed angrily.

When they heard Galaxy Massage Parlor, their faces froze awkwardly. Ee Chen suddenly rushed over to add, "I even saw an adult website called Galaxy earlier."

Mubai suddenly stood up and said, "I\'ll be back."

"Where are you going?" Xinghe asked out of habit.

The man answered expressionlessly, "Have to deal with some things."

How come Xinghe had a feeling he was going out to \'hunt\'?

Xinghe\'s feeling was proven right. Mubai spent the next few days shutting down those merchants that used Galaxy in their names. Especially that Galaxy Massage Parlor and Galaxy Website, he shut them all down immediately!

Very soon, those two companies went bankrupt due to financial and legal issues.

At the same time, Hwa Xia\'s bureau of commerce and industry filed many trademarks using the Galaxy name. No matter the field, the name Galaxy was trademarked. Even food items were trademarked. In any case, if it could be trademarked, then Mubai had done that.

The workers at the bureau almost died from exhaustion. Mubai had them work with several million trademarks in just days; they would rather have died.

However, the method was effective because no one managed to trademark the name after that. Even if there was, the request would be denied. In conclusion, the term Galaxy was banned in the business world; whoever used it would have to deal with Xi Empire!

SamWolf were impressed by Mubai\'s ferociousness. Thankfully, he was quick and efficient, and the term Galaxy hadn\'t gotten too pedestrian. It still had its allure.

Therefore, when Galaxy Academy was going to open, it soon attracted various media companies\' attention. The main attraction was it was Xinghe\'s academy!

The name, Galaxy Academy, on the plaque for the school was personally written by Mr. President using gold ink. This added to the background of the academy.

However, the most shocking detail was that this academy would not accept new students; it would only accept famed scientists or researchers. In other words, this academy only accepted ready academics!

However, these people did not need to attend school anymore, even if they did, they would not select a brand-new school like Galaxy Academy.

Who were the teachers to teach these academicians? Who was qualified to be their teacher? Even if they could find some, would they come work for this academy?

In other words, the quality of teaching staff was this academy\'s biggest loophole. No educational institute in the world dared say that they only accept academics with ample research background, and they had no confidence they could handle students like that.

Therefore, Galaxy Academy, when it was first revealed to the world, soon became everyone\'s laughing stock in spite of the adoration and appreciation many had for her.