Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 904: No Loss, All Gain

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Chapter 904: No Loss, All Gain

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The investors suddenly felt blessed by all the gods there ever were. They gave thanks at churches, temples, and mosques; they\'d finally managed to toss this dumpster fire away from their hands.

With almost zero negotiation, the investors sold the school at the price of five hundred million. When the school was first built, it had cost three hundred million. It was simple math; selling it at five hundred million was pure profit for the investors!

With this idea in mind, the investors dropped the school like hot cake and went on their merry ways with the money. Alas, none of them could envision the momentous changes this academy would bring to the world. It would become the best academy in the world, to which admission would be harder than winning the lottery!

The academy had a humble beginning; it basically grew out of an abandoned jungle. After Mubai purchased the site, he brought Xinghe and the rest for a tour.

The institute had been designed with inspiration from classical European buildings. The compound was big, and the surroundings were pretty. It felt like a town hidden away from the bustle of the city. After a short tour, Xinghe nodded, satisfied.

"How was it?" Mubai asked her.

Xinghe nodded. "It\'s nice, it is the kind of compound I want for the academy. The current size is enough for the plan, and we can discuss expansion when the time comes."

Mubai smirked. "I have considered that already. I have purchased the adjacent lands. When we need to, we can expand whenever we want."

SamWolf gawked at the surrounding plots of land that stretched for several thousand meters. [He bought all these empty lands? So, this is how rich people operate… No, wait a minute, it only benefits us to be his friends!

Xinghe was surprised by what he said. "You have already bought them?"

Mubai nodded. "Yes, I have. I believe in you."

He believed that her academy would be a wild success and the academy would be greatly expanded. Xinghe\'s eyes glistened; she did not expect such strong support from him. He not only supported her verbally and had contributed plenty to the fruition of her plan. In the world, he was probably the only one who would trust her so unconditionally and implicitly. He would always put her first.

Xinghe looked at him with her pair of glowing eyes, and her lips curved into a smile. "I will make sure your investment is not lost on me."

This was the best thank you she could give him.

Mubai smiled in return. "Then you have to make sure you will be able to make all these lands into the compound of your academy."

"I promise."

Ali looked at them and sighed with faux envy. "Although I feel this current compound is already very big, it should be enough because I have never seen such a huge school before."

"That is because you have not been to school." Sam exposed her pointedly.

Ali huffed. "What difference does that make? Can\'t I have gone to a school for visits?"

Cairn laughed and said, "The schools that we used to have at Country R cannot really be called schools; they were mostly temporary seminaries."

Country Y had too many years, even if there were seminaries, they were used as shelters and not schools. Having an education was an unachievable dream for the children there, much less attending such a large, gorgeous campus to study.

To be frank, the scale of this private institute in Hwa Xia could only be considered normal.