Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 903: Excited the World of Science

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Chapter 903: Excited the World of Science

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Then, the next step would be to start Xinghe\'s plan in earnest!

After He Lan Yuan\'s appearance, the world\'s economy was struck. However, the blow wasn\'t that significant. Humanity was one of the most resilient creatures, and since most of the world\'s technology was still intact, the world managed to recover to its original form rather quickly.

To be fair, his appearance not only had bad repercussions because he also instigated an explosive advancement in the general field of science!

Now, more people showed an interest in science. Earlier, many thought sciences were dull and not worth investing in. However, now they realized that science was the only engine pushing mankind\'s advancement forward. Without science, the threat of extinction was always possible. After all, a world-threatening crisis had shown itself, what else was really impossible?

Perhaps extra-terrestrial lives really existed in the galaxy, and when they arrived, how were Earthlings going to defend themselves with backwards science?

Humanity\'s choice would only be extinction or slavery, like how it was with He Lan Yuan. This crisis had opened many people\'s eyes to the feeling of abject fear and despair. It was an experience no one wanted to repeat.

Everyone over the world just wanted to secure their home and live a safe life in peace and harmony. Therefore, they supported the growth of science; many people even personally devoted themselves to the development of science.

This phenomenon was not unlike when the computer was first introduced to the world. It created a ripple effect that encouraged many to join the field of computer technology, which was why the most advanced field within modern society was computer science.

Furthermore, Xinghe had utilized her computer science knowledge to neutralize He Lan Yuan\'s scheme and that only added to this field\'s popularity. Therefore, the academy Xinghe was opening had to have a computer science class.

Of course, it would be the main attraction of her academy!

This was because, in terms of computer science, no one was at her level. This class instructed by her would be the best in the world. However, Xinghe did not plan to construct and popularize this academy the conventional way. There was already a rudimentary plan in her mind, and she was only waiting for the academy to be built before she initiated it.

It was not that difficult for Xinghe to establish this academy. There was already a large private institute site in City A. However, the institute had been losing money every year and it was on its last legs.

The number of students was slowly dwindling, and the sprawling institute grounds were like a ghost town, an observation that was eerily accurate at night. Furthermore, after this world-threatening crisis, almost all of its students had decided to leave school!

This institute was not supported by the government and was not a famed school. Most of the students there were second generation nouveau riche or rich good-for-nothings. Basically, they were enrolled there to purchase a certificate.

Therefore, there was no difference between leaving school and attending classes to them, considering they had the money to live the rest of their lives with ease. Therefore, when the crisis broke out, they all decided to leave school and return home to enjoy life…

After all, wouldn\'t it be a waste to siphon all the inheritance their ancestors had left them into an educational fund alone?

Just like that, the private institute was completely abandoned!

The institute\'s investors almost fainted from pure trauma and sadness. Thankfully, the heavens seemed to be on the lookout for them, because there were still plenty of dumb rich people in the world like the Xi family around.

Even with the economic collapse following the crisis and no students in school, the Xi family still crazily volunteered to buy the school from the investors!