Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 901: Meeting the President

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Chapter 901: Meeting the President

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With his blessing and support, the formation of her academy would be smoother and faster. Furthermore, with Elder Shen\'s blessing, it would be easier for her to gain the president\'s support. Naturally, Elder Shen understood what she was aiming for.

He slapped the top of the table and promised, "Don\'t worry, leave this to Grandpa! I will make sure the opening of your academy is a success."

Xinghe widened her smile and said, "Thank you, Grandpa."

Elder Shen faked a pout. "There\'s no need for thanks; we\'re family. Plus, we should be supporting you, since you are only looking out for the public\'s interest."

In actuality, they didn\'t know exactly what she was planning, but they trusted her implicitly. Xinghe was appreciative of this faith they had in her. The opening of the academy was thus settled.

After that, they continued to plan in greater detail. Then Elder Shen suggested bringing them to go meet the president at the president\'s house.

It was also appropriate for Xinghe and Mubai to pay Hwa Xia\'s first couple a visit. They must have plenty of questions for each other. They soon departed for the president\'s house.

The president purposely cleared his schedule to meet them. Naturally, the first few minutes of the meeting were spent doing perfunctory greetings. The president did not maintain any pretenses around them; he treated Xinghe and Mubai like a kind elder.

After that, the President cut to the chase and asked them questions about Project Galaxy. Xinghe answered everything truthfully, leaving out only the details about her mother. This was Elder Shen\'s request. He implored her on their way there to not reveal to anyone the project\'s connection to her mother. He was not afraid that it might implicate the Shen family, but because there were still too many mysteries surrounding it, he did not want to create distractions or rumors.

Furthermore, release of this unconfirmed news would only add difficulties to Xinghe\'s plan of opening an academy. Therefore, Elder Shen decided there was no reason for them to reveal information about her mother.

They did not even tell Madam President, who was sad that there was no information about her long-lost sister.

When the topic of conservation switched to the people from the moon, Xinghe asked the President cautiously, "Do you know what the purpose of them being taken away is? I have a sneaking feeling the real reason is not the one that the United Nations gave us."

The decision was passed by the United Nations, so Hwa Xia had to be involved. As the President, he must have some insider information.

The President coughed and said seriously, "Taking them away is really to separate them from the general public. Many countries consider them as terrorist and thus are averse to them living alongside normal civilians.

"Of course, there is also the issue of politics. These are all incredible talents, and their talents are already so much better than all of our current scientists. Furthermore, there is only a handful of them. If one country plays host to all of them, can you imagine the advancement in technology that country would be able to enjoy?

"You understand, this world is only peaceful on the surface, and peace is only maintained with similarly powerful countries limiting one another. If this power hegemony is ruined, then our fragile peace will also be ruined.

"Therefore, this group of people is not allowed to assimilate into the public. The only solution is to segregate them temporarily to keep them out of everyone\'s hands."

Perhaps, the President still had some reasons that he kept to his own, but Xinghe did not press.

"So, they cannot be released no matter what?"

"I wouldn\'t say that," the President declared solemnly. "When the world\'s economy and scientific level has reached a certain level, freedom perhaps will be theirs."