Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 899: Young Miss Is Home!

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Chapter 899: Young Miss Is Home!

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The two elders crumpled to the floor in relief before starting to dance like crazy. They had never been so emotional in their lives before. They were so proud of Xinghe!

The heavens were still kind toward the Shen family, because even though they had taken away their smallest daughter, in return, they\'d found such an impressive granddaughter, a granddaughter no one else could rival. This was the biggest consolation they had.

Both of them had woken up in the wee morning because Xinghe had told them she was returning home that day. They\'d waited eagerly for them to arrive. Other than calling constantly to check on their progress, they\'d taken turns walking to their front door, hoping to catch a glimpse of Mubai\'s car.

Xinghe felt their anticipation and her heart was greatly warmed. She was not familiar with this feeling because she was raised to be a self-reliant and aloof person. However, she was not averse to this feeling, she found it to be quite comfortable. Similarly, she could not wait to reunite with her family, her kin.

The moment Mubai\'s car stopped at the Shen family\'s house gate, the guards pulled open the door and rushed to inform Elder Shen and the rest.

"Elder Shen, Madam Shen, the young miss is home!"

Before the guard even crossed the threshold, Elder Shen heard him. The two elders sprung up from their seats and dashed out of the house with abandon. From the way they moved, one would not have thought they were seniors in their seventies.

The two were already at the door when Xinghe and Mubai got out of the car. Seeing her in person, both of them suddenly stopped in their tracks and tears filled their eyes. Initially, they could not wait to see her when she was still away, but when she was there before their eyes, they hesitated to get closer…

Xinghe felt the same way. For some reason, she started to well up. Noticing the two particularly energized elders, she took the first step forward and greeted with a smile, "Grandfather, Grandmother, I am home."

"My good child!" Old Madam Shen immediately rushed forward to hug her and tears came pouring out. "You have worried your grandmother so much. Thankfully, the gods have looked after you, and you have finally returned safely!"

Xinghe was startled by the sudden outpouring of emotion. She tensed out of habit but soon relaxed. "Grandma, look, I\'m fine, please don\'t cry."

Elder Shen also could not stand such a sentimental situation, so he consoled his wife with a smile. "Okay, stop crying, you\'re putting too much pressure on Xinghe. This is an auspicious event; you should be happy."

Old Madam Shen let go of Xinghe and said, as she wiped away her tears, "These are tears of happiness, you old fart."

Elder Shen laughed happily. "Fine, you win, but even so, you should stop crying…"

He might say so, but there were tears in his eyes as well. Xinghe pretended to not notice their banter, and she added with a smile, "Grandpa, grandma, let\'s go in first."

"The child\'s right, come in first, we can continue this conversation inside." Elder Shen also welcomed Mubai, and he greeted them with respect.

After they got into the house, they started to catch up. Naturally, Elder Shen asked them many questions. Xinghe answered them all truthfully.

The two elders\' emotions were intense and tumultuous hearing her story.

Elder Shen added with excitement, "Well done, befitting of the Shen name. Indeed, women are not inferior to men! Xinghe, you have done us proud."