Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 898: Open an Academy

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Chapter 898: Open an Academy

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At the same time, they thought about Shi Jian and the guys. When they first returned to Earth, this feeling of home and belonging must have been at least a hundred times stronger. They, who yearned desperately for freedom, must have been waiting for Xinghe to save them.

Therefore, they had to move faster or else their wait would be even more painful. Xinghe told Mubai her idea when they reached home. She explained why she wanted to open an academy.

"I wish to open a technical academy to spread the knowledge and technique so that more people will learn about them. The biggest liability hanging over Shi Jian and the guys\' heads is their skills and talents. When we manage to raise the world up to their level, it will not be necessary to feel guarded against them, and it will prevent them from being taken advantage of."

Mubai looked at her and said, "I\'d guessed as much. Your plan is brilliant, but it will take a long time to succeed."

Xinghe smiled. "I have thought about that as well. The academy will only accept special students; they will have to be at a certain level to be admitted. Plus, their technical and theoretical basis has to be strong, so that they will improve greatly with a little cultivation."

"That is not a bad idea," Mubai agreed. "Go ahead with your plan then; leave the school opening to me, so you can focus on forming the teaching material."

"How can I do that? This is my selfish idea and opening a school is not easy…"

Before Xinghe finished, she noticed the displeasure in Mubai\'s eyes. Her voice petered off, and she did not have the heart to say that she did not want to trouble him.

Mubai looked at her with interest and said, "Why did you stop? I\'m listening."

"No, I\'m done." This was such an obvious trap.

"Why did you stop?" Mubai queried.

Xinghe grabbed his arm with a smile and whispered, "Because I know I can leave it in your hands."

The man\'s eyes were like the surface of the pond being swept by the spring breeze, rippling with joy. "You\'re leaving it with me, just like that?"

"Yes, I trust you." Xinghe nodded.

The gaze that looked at her turned passionate, and he leaned in to peck her on her lips. He then mumbled intimately, "Thank you for learning to share your trouble with me. Don\'t forget to do it again next time."

"Okay…" Xinghe knew what he was referring to.

Mubai smirked and hugged her slender waist, and he planted more gentle kisses on her lips. Even though he stopped himself from taking things further, he would not hesitate to claim these benefits that belonged to him. After all, the night was still young.

Xinghe planned to open an unrivalled international academy in City A. This plan naturally needed the support and help from many people.

The next day, Xinghe and Mubai went to the Shen family to visit Elder Shen and his family.

Elder Shen and Old Madam Shen missed them dearly. They knew everything that had happened to Xinghe in Country R.

When Xinghe was put on the public\'s hit list by He Lan Yuan, they\'d had the scare of their lives. They would not hesitate to sacrifice themselves to save her. After all, she was the only heiress of the Shen bloodline.

Thankfully, nothing had happened to Xinghe, and she even managed to foil He Lan Yuan\'s evil scheme.

When they\'d seen Xinghe regally destroyed those satellites, their hearts had almost jumped out of their bodies.