Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 897: Love Her More

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Chapter 897: Love Her More

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Sam and the rest shivered from the possible consequences.

"What did he give you?" Ali asked curiously.

Xinghe answered, "It should be the thing Tong Liang wanted, but I\'m still unsure as to what it is."

Sam scoffed, "They just want to take the credit and not do the work, why should we give it to them?"

Ali nodded in agreement. "That\'s right! This belongs to Mr. Shi and the guys; we mustn\'t give it to those bad people."

"That\'s why I held on to it earlier," Xinghe added.

Ali smiled brightly. "Xinghe, you are the cleverest. I am in love with everything you have done."

Sam unconsciously wanted to repeat what Ali said, but thankfully, he noticed Mubai sitting beside Xinghe, and he quickly swallowed his words. Phew, almost said the wrong thing again!

"Me too!" In the end, Cairn who sat beside him voiced his inner thoughts. He looked at Xinghe with a blush and added, "I love everything you do, and I think you are doing a great job."

Hey, kid, do you want to die‽ Sam subconsciously turned to watch Mubai\'s reaction, but to his surprise, Mubai appeared to not have heard Cairn. Sam was deeply confused by this; why wasn\'t he angered by what Cairn had said?

"What are we going to do when we return?" Ee Chen asked Xinghe.

Xinghe thought about it and answered, "Open an academy."

"Open an academy?" Sam and the rest were baffled.

"Yes." Xinghe nodded. "Temporarily, my idea is to open any academy, but how exactly to go about that, we can discuss after we land."

"But why an academy?" Ee Chen asked.

Xinghe smiled. "You will see."

Ee Chen and the rest were confused by this latest mystery. Mubai was also initially befuddled, but he soon came to an answer. He looked at Xinghe intently and his eyes gleamed, but he did not say anything. He knew what she was thinking; he understood her plan and goal. Perhaps this world would experience another momentous change because of her…

Perhaps only she could influence the world in such a manner. He was confident that she was one of a kind, a unique existence in this world.

Mubai\'s love toward Xinghe intensified. Every day, he would realize he loved her a little bit more. Every time that he thought his adoration for her was at its maximum, he would surprise himself. His love toward her was endless and timeless, and it rejuvenated his life.

Mubai looked at Xinghe and his face naturally broke into a smile. Like electricity, Xinghe suddenly turned to catch his gaze, and she fell into his pair of eyes that were like pools of black holes.

His gaze seemed to possess magic, attracting her attention all at once. They stared at each other quietly and in complete focus; the world around seemed to fall away… and they were the only thing left in the world.

Sam and the rest looked on and yelled internally, Hello, we are still here!

It was a two-hour flight from Country R to Hwa Xia. When the lavish private plane landed at City A\'s airport, night had already fallen.

Xinghe\'s group finally returned to this place where they called home.