Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 896: Play This Game

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Chapter 896: Play This Game

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"Let me answer that for you, it is Xinghe. She has done the most, so what gives you, someone who has done nothing, the right to search her?" Sam added snidely.

"That\'s right, none of you have the right to disrespect her thusly, especially you." Ali glared openly at Tong Liang.

Tong Liang was so angered that she lost her official smiling face. Her features were twisted from anger as she barked, "So you people have let your glory go to your head? You think you\'re above the law simply because you have made one small contribution?"

"It is you who thinks you are above the law. You are pursuing your personal agenda using your official position, suppressing us with your official title," Xinghe scoffed. "If you want us to cooperate with you, fine, then show us the warrant, if you don\'t have one, then get out of our way!"

"My words are the words of the United Nations, and this search must be conducted!" Tong Liang finally lost her patience, she ordered, "Move it, if any of them dare to resist, arrest them!"

"I will see who dares!" Xinghe\'s sharp gaze swept the crowd and Tong Liang\'s lackeys were stunned motionless. For some reason, they felt afraid of Xinghe\'s imposing aura.

However, Tong Liang was not afraid of her, and she had lost her last shred of patience.

"Xia Xinghe, I am warning you for the last time, stop obstructing justice!"

If they continued this resistance, she was going to open fire.

Xinghe looked at her with a wicked grin. "Well, I do wish to see what you intend to do. If you aren\'t afraid of making international news, then we are more than willing to play this game with you."

Mubai suddenly blocked Xinghe and glared at Tong Liang with his dark, cold gaze. "Miss Tong, if you insist on continuing this bullying, then our Xi family will not hesitate to join in the fun. I, Xi Mubai, am a man of my words."

Tong Liang\'s pupils shuddered. Xi Mubai was openly threatening her!

Of course, she understood what he meant. If she continued this charade, the Xi family would come after the Tong family. The Xi family was already a force to be reckoned with, but now Xinghe also had the Shen family and Hwa Xia\'s Madam President behind her back. If this exploded, the Tong family would be the party who suffered.

Tong Liang smirked coldly and said, "Fine, the thing had better not be with you, or else no one will be able to save you!"

Xinghe and Mubai didn\'t waste time with her anymore; they jumped into the car and sped away.

Under the cover of the night, Tong Liang glared at their car as it disappeared into the night, her gaze as dark as the night around it.

Since the driver was Chui Qian\'s man, Sam and the rest did not say anything. It was not until they hopped onto Mubai\'s personal plane that they could not help but ask, "Xinghe, do you really have something on you?"

They had to ask, because from how Tong Liang acted, it really seemed like she was certain Xinghe was hiding something from her, even though they were certain Xinghe did not remove anything from the moon base.

To their surprise, Xinghe admitted easily, "Yes, the thing is with me."

"Really? When did you take it?" Sam gasped in shock.

Ee Chen guessed, "Mr. Shi surreptitiously passed it to you yesterday?"

"Yes." Xinghe nodded. Finally, Sam and the rest understood. Shi Jian had snuck the thing to Xinghe before he was captured.

No wonder he came to shake Xinghe\'s hands. They did not realize Shi Jian had the foresight to hand the thing over to Xinghe then.

Now they thought about it, thankfully the search did not happen or else they would have been exposed.