Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 895: You Have No Right

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Chapter 895: You Have No Right

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He was going to open his eyes wide to watch whether they were capable of that or not!

Tong Liang brushed off their snide comments, and her gaze that stared at Xinghe turned icy. "Miss Xia, I am advising you out of the kindness of my heart. Do not make this mistake."

"Then, I thank you for your kindness. Alas, you\'re wasting it on the wrong person." Xinghe then turned to tell her friends, "Let us go."

She was not interested in making friends in this Tong Liang. Sam and the rest also could not stand her face anymore, so they motioned to leave.

"Stop right there!" Tong Liang suddenly ordered. "Did I say you are allowed to leave? No one is leaving if you do not hand over the item!"

The moment she said that, the people she\'d brought immediately surrounded Xinghe\'s group.

Chui Qian frowned. "Miss Tong, what is the meaning of this?"

Tong Liang answered with a polite smile, "Mr. President, I am merely following my orders to ask them to hand over the item. You should also understand; they just returned from the moon, but they did not hand over anything, so I believe they must have kept something for themselves."

"Stop falsely accusing us, we did not take anything!" Sam retorted angrily.

Mubai\'s face also darkened. "Even if we did, you have no right to block our way, Miss Tong. The United Nations has no actual jurisdiction here."

The United Nations was only a front for various countries to discuss international agendas; it was meant to balance the major powers. As an isolated entity, it had no real sense of power. Tong Liang was only a vice-secretary of the organization, so she had even less power.

Tong Liang said smugly, "But this is an order from the top official. I have to return with those things, and this is an order passed by the majority of the countries."

Chui Qian undermined her lies subtly, "Miss Tong, the majority of the countries did pass this ruling, but the premise is that they have those things to begin with. Miss Xia said they did not bring back anything from the moon, so how do you expect them to give you something they do not have?"

Tong Liang smiled thinly. "Mr. President, you might choose to believe them, but I don\'t. The people who came back from the moon trusted Xia Xinghe the most, and since they did not carry the thing with them, it has to be with Xia Xinghe. The only reason they needed to return in such a rush was to evade my detection and keep it for themselves. It is my responsibility to stop them from doing that, so naturally, I will not let them go easily. I would like to ask Mr. President to cooperate with the United Nations as well."

Chui Qian was cornered. He asked Xinghe formally, "Miss Xia, do you have the thing?"

"We did not take anything back from the moon," Xinghe said firmly.

Chui Qian immediately told Tong Liang, "They already said they do not have…"

"Mr. President, you are doing this wrongly. We will find out whether they have it or not after a careful search," Tong Liang interrupted him rudely and demanded, "Miss Xia, I wish for your cooperation. If the search comes up with nothing, we will immediately let you all go."

"A search?" Xinghe asked with a raised brow.

"Yes, a strip search if necessary!" Tong Liang demanded.

Xinghe smiled thinly and retorted with authority, "Who gave you the right to do that‽"

"You!" Tong Liang was furious; she did not expect Xinghe would be so uncooperative.

"You have no right to search either one of us," Xinghe continued her barrage.

Mubai also added coldly, "She\'s right, you have no right to conduct any search on us. No one has that right, or have you forgotten who saved the world and why you are able to stand here today?"