Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 893: Returning to Hwa Xia Tonight

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Chapter 893: Returning to Hwa Xia Tonight

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Sam started grousing after they left the room. "What a b*tch! If Xinghe did not save this world, would she still be alive? Without Xinghe, the world was going to end! So, what is with the attitude!"

Ali was equally angered. "She really thinks our Xinghe sacrificed so much because she likes to, she had to!"

"Just how did someone like her get to such a high position?" Even Cairn was rarely furious.

Mubai explained, "She is also from Hwa Xia, one of the few vice secretaries working with the United Nations. She is young, only around 35 if I remember correctly. Her father was in the run for the presidency and lost to our current president."

Comprehension dawned then.

"So, she knows about Xinghe\'s identity? That explains the hostility," Sam scoffed.

Mubai nodded. "That is the most logical conclusion."

"Then, we\'ll have be more careful around her in the future," Ali reminded Xinghe.

Xinghe nodded. "I know."

"By the way, Xinghe, do you really have the way to save Shi Jian and the guys?" Sam asked with anticipation.

Xinghe continued to nod. "Where there\'s a will, there\'s a way. In any case, I will try my best."

Sam added, "We will support you!"

"That\'s right, we also want to help them," Ali chimed in. Cairn and Wolf nodded behind her. Ee Chen was also willing to throw in his support.

Xinghe looked at them and felt confidence surge through her heart. They were her loyal friends and companions who had aided her plenty along the way. With their support, nothing was impossible.

"Okay, we will figure this out together." Xinghe nodded with a smile.

Sam asked Xinghe, "Then what is our plan? Open protest?"

Xinghe shook her head. "I still don\'t have an exact plan in mind, but open protests will not be useful. They will only stone-wall us with more political mumbo-jumbo, plus if we go through the court system, it will take years. I don\'t want this to drag on for too long."

There was another thing that she left unsaid. She felt for some reason, the United Nations had a sinister motive for quarantining Shi Jian and the guys. If her hunch was correct, then, this would be a lot more complicated.

Sam nodded. "Indeed, it benefits no one to have this dragged out. We have to come up with a solution to save them as soon as possible."

"But what solution will that be?" Ali asked with a frowned. This was a decision passed by the United Nations; it was supported by majority of the countries, so what could small characters like them do?

Xinghe seemed to read their thought and she said softly, "Rules are meant to be broken."

"You mean, we can try to twist the rules to our benefit or make them change their mind? Won\'t that be extremely difficult?" pondered Ali.

Xinghe nodded. "It will, but there is always a way. So tonight, we will return to Hwa Xia."

Her sudden announcement to return home surprised and confused SamWolf. What does that have to do with anything?

Only Mubai looked at her with his knowing, black eyes. He seemed to have read her thoughts. Since Xinghe had made her decision, SamWolf went to pack; they planned to return to Hwa Xia with her.

Their decision was a bit too sudden. Chui Qian personally came to ask them to stay, as he was planning a celebration to thank them, but Xinghe kindly rejected his offer.

There was still plenty of unfinished business in Country R, but they had washed their hands clean of it all.