Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 890: Activated Their Desire

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Chapter 890: Activated Their Desire

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Have you experienced this feeling of being pulled out of despair and thrown back into it again? The despair of being under someone else\'s control all your life, which one of you have tasted that before?"

This time, everyone was silent, even George. This was indeed an experience none of them had been unfortunate enough to taste. They knew what the He Lan family had done them. They were treated like trash from the day they were born. Their lives were worse than a family pet\'s.

This was not the worst though, because they had never tasted freedom. They would never miss something that they had never experienced.

However, the He Lan family\'s downfall had given them hope, and the sweet taste of freedom. But, reality had sent them back into the darkest depths of despair. The hope that had come to them after so many difficulties was eclipsed once more. This was a pain even harsher than death.

This kind of absolute despair was an experience unique to them. No one would be able to share their pain. Therefore, there was no way they would willingly subject themselves to some other people\'s domination anymore. They needed a new purpose in life, something that was greater than being someone else\'s puppet.

If there was no choice, then they would rather choose death.

With these thoughts crowding their mind, Shi Jian hissed through gritted teeth as he glared viciously as them. "So many of us have never tasted a day of freedom. It is not that we cannot survive on the island, but we want freedom. None of you will be able to understand our desire for freedom.

"There are even children among us that are barely over ten years old. We have given them hope that their lives will be improved, but now? The eldest among us are at least fifty. We thought we could finally let our elders enjoy the rest that they deserve, the freedom that was taken away from them, but now? So many of us died in despair from the stifling of freedom. The only reason we survived until now was through hope and you are now even taking that hope away. So, are you telling me that we deserve to be abandoned by the world, to live a life only suitable for livestock‽"

Shi Jian\'s rousing speech incited rebellion within the crowd. They all started to protest. Even SamWolf joined them in protesting. The situation was chaotic and explosive…

George\'s soldiers were tense, they were worried that confrontation was inevitable. George looked toward Tong Liang for directions. "Miss Tong, this…"

"Haul them away!" Tong Liang ordered expressionlessly, as if these people were really nothing more than livestock to her. "These are the orders from above, and no one can change them. If they want freedom, they have to wait for the top officials to review their request! Now we need to accomplish this mission. You are allowed to use force on whomever dares to violate the order! Also, you people there, if you dare to resist the order, then you will be taken away for obstruction of justice! Major George, stop wasting time."

"…Yes, ma\'am!" George nodded and issued the heartless order, "Detain them and haul them away."

"We are not leaving!" Shi Jian and the guys started resisting. However, they were no match for trained soldiers. The few who tried to escape were tackled to the floor and forced into submission.