Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 888: We Are Not Dangerous

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Chapter 888: We Are Not Dangerous

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"But you did all that to save the world," Ali argued with tears in her eyes. "You have given so much to save the world, everything you did, it was for the betterment of the world, but these people only know how to enjoy the benefits. What they did was violating their promises pure and simple!"

"What we are doing is for the sake of world peace!"

Suddenly a few ambassadors in sharp suit walked toward them. The one leading the way was a woman. She looked to be in her forties and not a hair on her was out of place. She was wearing a conservative pant suit, lending her the look of a stern headmistress. It was this woman who said those words.

She came in with her heels clicking across the floor. Everyone looked at her with caution, and no one seemed to know who she was. However, it could be inferred that she was someone important or else those ambassadors would not be following behind her.

The woman stopped before them and her calculative gaze scanned the lot of them. She opened her mouth to introduce herself, "Nice to meet all of you, let me introduce myself. I am Tong Liang, the vice secretary from the United Nations specially assigned to overlook this case. I am happy to make everyone\'s acquaintance, and I would like to personally thank everyone for their contribution to saving this world."

"If that\'s true, then you should let them go," Sam said snidely.

Tong Liang smiled slightly. "I have heard everything you all said. I can understand your feelings, but we cannot let our emotions dictate our actions and let these dangerous criminals be a part of normal human society. So, I hope you all will learn to appreciate this kind gesture we have prepared for them."

"We are not dangerous criminals!" Shi Jian retorted. "If we meant this society any harm, we would not have revolted against He Lan Yuan."

Tong Liang continued coolly, "He Lan Yuan had lost his power, so he was no longer a threat. If you did not revolt against him, your ending will only have been worse, therefore, I can see why you all decided to revolt. Furthermore, you all grew up under his influence, so who can tell for sure what is going on in those little heads of yours."

"Simply because of your speculation, we are being treated like this?"

"We cannot help this because it is the truth that you all have threatened the world before."

"That was all He Lan Yuan\'s doing! It has nothing to do with us!"

"But you were all instrumental to the success of his plan. Before everything is confirmed, you are all suspects, and only after we are certain that none of you are threats to society can you be released."

Her words seemed to give Shi Jian the hope he needed. He asked desperately, "How can we prove we mean no harm to the society?"

Tong Liang smiled, and she continued speaking in an emotionless manner. "Of course… after years of observation."

Shi Jian\'s face darkened. "In other words, we still have to be quarantined?"

"Quarantine is not the right word. We were kind enough to prepare a small island for you all to ensure your basic needs. You will still have the freedom you wish for on the island."

"How big is the island and what can we do on it? What exactly is provided for us?" Shi Jian scoffed.

"The small island is newly developed, and the houses are already built. You can immediately move in when you arrive. The island has a library, where you can read and watch television. It also has basic amenities like a sports center," Tong Liang said matter-of-factly.