Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 887: Her Every Word

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Chapter 887: Her Every Word

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It was hardest to accept the fact that one had been swindled. Furthermore, it had been so long since Shi Jian and the guys tasted hope, and now that hope was cruelly being taken away again. Their dissatisfaction and resentment exploded.

They had lived most of their lives in dull despair, the He Lan family had never given them hope so they did not dare pray for hope. They thought that way for the entirety of their lives.

However, when He Lan Yuan wanted to rule the world, Xinghe destroyed his plan and promised them freedom!

It was her call to action that lit up their hope toward a life of freedom. It was because of her that they decided to revolt against He Lan Yuan and return to Earth. But in the end, it was all a lie?

Shi Jian looked at Xinghe with despairing pain, his voice forced from his throat. "Miss Xia, do you still remember the words you said before you destroyed the satellites?"

Xinghe\'s was shocked. Shi Jian continued word by word. "You might not, but we remember them perfectly, do you want me to repeat them?"

Xinghe shook her head. "There\'s no need for that, I remember them clearly."

"Then tell me, what did you say then‽"

Xinghe\'s eyes darkened and she repeated her words coldly, "I said, as long as you killed He Lan Yuan, this beautiful world would accept you. As long as you kill him, all of you would be free and would escape from his threat and suppression…"

"What else?" Shi Jian pressed.

Xinghe continued like an emotionless recording machine. "I also said, as long as you killed him, you all would be free, and no one would be able to take away your freedom and happiness… No one else could!"

Shi Jian asked in a shaking voice, "Then what is this‽"


"No one can take away our freedom and happiness… this is a bloody joke. Miss Xia, we trusted you, respected you, and that is why we are here today. However, nothing has changed, we still gain nothing. We still will be controlled and there is still no freedom for us, isn\'t that right‽"

Shi Jian\'s painful howl pierced everyone\'s hearts. For the first time, Xinghe felt how utterly useless and despicable she was. It was Xinghe who had given them hope and now it only added to their despair. It was because of her that they had landed in this disastrous ordeal.

"This is not her fault!" Mubai stepped forth to say, "We also did not wish for this, but there is nothing we can do. Xinghe is not God! She has done everything she could, but she is not perfect; she cannot solve everything."

"Then she shouldn\'t have given us hope and false promises!"

Xinghe suddenly opened her lips to say, "I am sorry, this is all my fault."

It was because of her lack of forethought that they ended up in this despair.

"Xinghe, this is not your fault!" Sam charged forward in anger and argued, "This is the fault of those top officials who reneged on their words! This is all their fault, and it has nothing to do with you."

"It is my fault!" Xinghe confirmed. "No one told me to give them those promises, and they came from my mouth. This situation was created by my hands and has turned out like this because of how utterly useless I am."