Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 885: I Was Too Naive

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Chapter 885: I Was Too Naive

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Mubai helped her smooth down her hair that was tousled by the wind and continued speaking in a gentle tone. "So, don\'t blame yourself. You should feel happy, because this is not the worst ending for them."

"But we gave them hope and promised them freedom to live the lives they wanted… This time, I was too naïve." Xinghe laughed self-deprecatingly. She\'d thought the world would accept them with open arms since they were innocent victims. Their talents would ensure that the world valued them. But in the end, the world was as ugly as ever; nothing had really changed. Therefore, this time, she had committed the sin of naivety!

Mubai tried to comfort her. "It is the same with me. Technically speaking, I should have seen this coming, but I didn\'t much less you, so this is not your fault but mine; I should have envisioned this ending."

Xinghe looked at him silently with her clear eyes. Mubai raised his brow. "Is there something on my face?"

She just wanted to show her appreciation, because she did feel comforted.

"I want to go find Shi Jian and the guys. We should explain this to them, they deserve this much," Xinghe said.

Mubai stood up and pulled her along. "You\'re right, let\'s go."

"Okay." Xinghe quickly recovered her mood, removing the negative emotions from within her. She knew she had to give Shi Jian\'s group an explanation. It was something she had to do.

When they found out Xinghe was going to meet Shi Jian and the guys, SamWolf volunteered to follow. After a few days of interaction, Sam had formed a relationship with the guys. Even the rest of SamWolf felt strangely connected to them.

They were such people, kind people with passionate hearts. If they accepted someone as their friend, they would do anything to help them. They treated their friends with sincerity, so they wanted to tag along to meet Shi Jian and the guys because this might be the last opportunity they had to do that.

However, to their surprise, the United Nations were one step faster than them; they were already in the middle of escorting them away.

"Why do we have to follow you? Where are you taking us?" Shi Jian and the few influential leaders of the moon base were in the middle of a hostile confrontation with George\'s forces. George was in his military outfit and behind him were a few soldiers armed with guns. It was obvious that this was not a friendly visit.

George tried to placate them. "Don\'t worry, we will not harm any of you. You will know when we arrive where we are taking you. I promise, no harm will come to any of you."

Shi Jian was not so easily fooled. "If you do not mean to harm us, then why bring along armed soldiers?"

"They are here to protect you all."

"From the way I see it, they are here to harm us. Where are Miss Xia and the others? I want to see them!"

"I\'m here," Xinghe announced as she strode into the room. Shi Jian and the guys\' eyes lit up when they saw her like they had taken a glimpse at hope.

"Miss Xia, what is going on? My men have been detained by these people; where are they taking us?" Shi Jian asked with uncertainty, but it was clear that he still had full trust in Xinghe.

Xinghe\'s gaze darted about. She did not answer him but asked George, "I wish to talk to them alone, is that possible?"

George nodded. "Of course, but don\'t take too long."