Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 884: Give Me a Chance to Console You

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Chapter 884: Give Me a Chance to Console You

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

So, no one was going to have them, what does she mean by that… Because they are all talented geniuses, the countries did not want to share them with each other? Afraid that the country sheltering them will have a momentous improvement over everyone else? Because of politics between the various countries, they have to be quarantined and not because United Nations were worried about humanity\'s safety?

When the truth was out in the open, SamWolf felt a suffocating feeling in their chest; it rendered them speechless. This was the first time they realized how ugly humanity could be.

There was chaos beyond the wars between countries, even during peace time, there were unnecessary sacrifices, and this time, the party who was sacrificed was the group of innocent scientists from the moon. This was an issue of politics between major countries, not something that they could intervene in.

Not even Xinghe could do anything, because not even she could defeat the ugly side that was inherent in humanity. This was also the first time Xinghe felt the taste of defeat. Even though she had saved Earth, she did not feel one ounce of pride or happiness. If anything, she felt a great sense of loss.

Xinghe planted herself on the bench beside the Embassy Hall\'s fountain and stared at a point on the floor dumbly. The dashing Mubai in a white shirt strode toward her slowly. His hands were in his pockets and his footsteps were leisurely, however his gaze was laser sharp. There was also a warmth in his eyes that would only appear when he was in her company.

Mubai loved Xinghe\'s confidence the most, so he wished she would retain that forever and not be in a foul mood like this. Even though she did not show it on her face and her quiet, brooding face had its own beauty to it, he understood she was not happy.

Mubai sat down beside her and Xinghe could smell the scent of cut grass and sunlight, this was a scent unique to Mubai; he smelled clean and nice. Xinghe looked sideways at him and said directly, "I\'m fine."

The man\'s sexy lips curved in a slope. "Then why are you blanking out here?"

"I just wish for some alone time."

Mubai leaned in and jokingly begged, "Not even going to give me the opportunity to console you?"

Xinghe chuckled. She then nodded. "Fine, this does bother me, but I really am fine."

Mubai shrugged and smiled. "Then, I will not console you, I will just listen. What\'s on your mind? I\'m here to share your thoughts."

"Not much is on my mind." Xinghe shook her head. "I only know even we are helpless in this situation."

"Indeed, there are many situations where our power is limited, but at least you have saved them. You have brought them back to Earth and helped them end their life on the Moon, which was not much more than a mirage. You have done everything you could and sometimes that is just not enough, that is how life is, not everything can go perfectly."

"I know." Xinghe hugged her knees. "It is because I understand that fact I feel so helpless. Sometimes, seeing things too clearly has its own downfalls as well."

"Then, try to live life with one eye closed." Mubai looked at her intensely. Xinghe did not answer, was that something she could possibly achieve?

"I don\'t want you to overwork yourself, plus this is not your responsibility and definitely not your fault."