Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 881: Two Square Kilometers

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Chapter 881: Two Square Kilometers

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"But this is not the life they wanted!" Sam growled angrily.

The eldest ambassador retorted firmly, "We are unable to afford the life that they wanted."

"It is because of them that Earth was saved or else He Lan Yuan would have blown up this planet."

"But it is also because of them that Earth was placed in an unmitigated crisis, one that caused serious damage."

"But that was because He Lan Yuan forced them to do it; it was not their will."

The eldest ambassador sighed. "This is not our will either."

So, Shi Jian and his group were forced to threaten the world and the United Nations was forced to keep them in quarantine. Both sides had their own logic, so it was hard to say who was right and who was wrong.

Sam was still angered; he felt indignant. He noticed Xinghe and Mubai\'s silence, so he tried to persuade them. "You have to understand they have the simplest of requests. They want the simplest thing, only a normal life. They wish for the freedom accorded to the common citizen. They wish to be a normal human being. What will they think if you treat them this way?"

"Mr. Sam, you have to understand that they are not normal citizens, they are high IQ criminals. Any one of them could create a world-devastating disaster. They are the world\'s biggest hidden threat. I also believe they have turned over a new leaf, but not everyone is willing to be so kind. For the sake of humanity and the safety of the world, we cannot believe them fully! Furthermore, life on the island will not be that bad."

"But they will be hidden away from the world, away from human contact, right?" Sam asked icily.

"We will provide them with every spiritual and materialistic need."

But there would be no human contact. Sam flared up even greater noticing their stubbornness. Thankfully, he knew to not use force and glared at them with his fists clenched. "Listen, you people are reneging on your promise! They have surrendered, but you have all violated your promise; don\'t you think this has crossed the line‽"

"We did not renege on our words; we did not promise them a life of normalcy. This decision is already our greatest kindness," the eldest ambassador asserted.

Sam hated these kinds of people the most. There were only rules in their eyes; there was no consideration for human decency and kindness. But this was the real world, and rules had to be put in place, and certain rules only benefited certain people.

Sam kept his emotions under great control and asked calmly, "Fine, even if you don\'t trust them then you should trust their ability, right? Give them a chance to prove their worth and help improve the world, wouldn\'t that be a better solution?"

"I am sorry, but this is the United Nation\'s decision. We have no power to change it."

"How big is the island?" Sam suddenly asked.

The ambassador was bewildered by the sudden change of question, but he answered honestly, "There are only so many of them, so the island will not be big. However, it will be big enough to ensure a comfortable moving space, so the island is about two square kilometers."

Two square kilometers…

Sam aloud laughed aloud. It would take him about one hour to finish walking all the way around such a small space.

"That is even smaller than the moon base. If I had known sooner, I would have persuaded them to stay on the moon," Sam commented sarcastically.

The group of ambassadors frowned.