Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 879: Something Big Is Going to Happen

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Chapter 879: Something Big Is Going to Happen

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Her body was tired, but for some reason, sleep did not come to her. After Mubai came out of the shower, he saw her black eyes still staring ahead. He sat down on the bedside and leaned in to catch her attention. He asked, "What\'s wrong? Can\'t sleep?"

Xinghe smiled. "It\'s nothing, this all just feels too successful."

"Too successful?" The man raised his brow as he had a hard time catching her meaning.

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, He Lan Yuan spent decades to complete this mission and it was so easily brought down by us. We even went to the moon for god\'s sake, this is all too surreal, that\'s all."

Mubai nodded with understanding. "I know what you mean."

Xinghe turned serious for a moment. "Do you think it is because we have overlooked something?"

"What would that be?" Mubai chuckled. "Don\'t overthink it, this really is over."

"Is that so? Then what is the purpose behind this project designed by my mother?" Xinghe questioned. This question had been stuck on her mind. Before knowing the truth, she would never rest easy.

Mubai knew she was a meticulous person; she would not suffer having any secrets kept from her. However, keeping herself in this constantly tense state was not a good thing.

"It doesn\'t matter whether we know her reason or not," Mubai consoled her. "She is your mother, I am sure she won\'t hurt you."

He only cared about her safety. As long as it brought no harm to her, Mubai could not care less about what other people thought. However, Xinghe was cut from a different cloth; she could not just gloss over what her mother had done.

Xinghe shook her head solemnly. "Call me suspicious but my instincts tell me that this ordeal is not over yet. Something unexpected will happen."

Mubai caressed her face and said, "Earth\'s crisis is over, what tragedy do you think will happen?"

"I have no clue."

"But there is something big that will happen soon that I am sure of."

"What is it?" Xinghe was confused.

Mubai lowered his head until his perfect features were inches away from her face. His glowing eyes stared into hers with burning passion as his hot breath tickled her face.

"A wedding," he whispered sexily.

Xinghe was startled before comprehension dawned. Mubai grabbed hold of her arm and said firmly yet gently, "We will marry after we return."

He was unusually stubborn when it came to this. Xinghe\'s lips curved into a smile. "Okay…"

The rest of her words were smothered because her lips were swallowed by his.

Xinghe had the best rest cuddled in Mubai\'s embrace. After a long rest, the next day, they were going to meet the ambassadors from the United Nations. Xinghe\'s group was prepared to tell them everything, except… the part about her mother.

In the bright and spacious meeting room, Xinghe, Mubai, and Sam reported everything. An ambassador said with a big smile, "Thank you for your cooperation. Thanks to your effort, we managed to get the people from the moon successfully. Your contribution will forever be remembered. You are the world\'s heroes, and we will award you all the greatest honor. If you have any requests, please name them now."

Sam wanted to stay something, but he quieted down after a short hesitation.