Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 878: Their Fill

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Chapter 878: Their Fill

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The people from the other spaceships were all brought to the same place. To welcome them, the United Nations had set up an embassy hall at Country R. Xinghe and the rest were brought to the hall to rest and to report on their mission.

However, the leaders at the embassy hall did not usher them into business immediately but had them attend a grand dinner to welcome them back home. George was afraid Xinghe\'s group thought they were being dismissed, so he quickly explained, "This is not the actual celebratory dinner. The superiors have said, the contribution from every one of you is immeasurably big, and there will be a bigger dinner later."

Xinghe shook her head. "That will not be necessary, but thank you for this dinner. What\'s on the menu?"

"All sorts of food that you can imagine. We have prepared a menu for every table."

Xinghe reached for the thick menu on the table and flipped through it. The selection was indeed marvelous. The food that Shi Jian and the others had mentioned was all there. She nodded satisfactorily when she saw that.

"You might want to notify the kitchen staff to prepare more food because it might not be enough," Xinghe said tactfully after some hesitation.

George thought her demand was rather weird but did not think much of it. "Don\'t worry, there are plenty of food, I am sure we will not run out."

However, soon he realized how naïve he was and why Xinghe purposely told him that. This was because the hundred plus people from the moon were like black holes!

They wanted to try everything and each one them had a giant appetite. The busiest person that night was not the waiter but the guests…

If not for the fact that they had drunk themselves to a stupor, the feast would have never ended. Xinghe also took several glasses of wine to relax. After dinner, she felt tired and wanted to retire to bed. Ever since He Lan Yuan\'s appearance, she had never had a good day\'s rest.

Now that the crisis was over, her earlier fatigue came rushing back, she had trouble even trying to keep her eyelids open.

Ali noticed that and asked with concern, "Xinghe, are you tired?"

Xinghe looked at her and nodded slightly. Even in such a situation, Xinghe was a calm and collected person.

Mubai suddenly leaned in and whispered gently, "Come on, let\'s go rest."

"Okay." Xinghe put up no resistance and allowed herself to be pulled away by the man. After they returned to the presidential suite that was arranged for them, Mubai helped Xinghe to the bed and he asked caringly, "Do you want to take a bath first?"

Xinghe\'s eyes fluttered open to look at him and she shook her head slightly. "That won\'t be necessary, I will just go wash my face."

"Can you still walk?" Mubai asked as he supported her up because he noticed Xinghe had drunk one too many glasses of wine.

Xinghe smiled and said, "I am not drunk, just tired."

"Okay, go wash your face than, we both need the rest." Mubai then gave her a kiss on her forehead. It was only a light peck but Xinghe felt refreshed, like a great amount of pressure was shed. After a quick wash, Xinghe changed into the pajamas that were prepared and got into bed.

Lying in the soft and comfy mattress, Xinghe sighed with satisfaction. After the trip to the moon, she had a newfound appreciation for everything on Earth.

However, huddled in such a comfortable bed, Xinghe still had trouble sleeping.