Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 877: I Am a Hero

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Chapter 877: I Am a Hero

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"That is only expected, I am different from the man who I once was. I was one of the three people who joined this adventure. Other than the two of you, no one can say they have braved this journey," said Sam smugly.

"Indeed, you\'re not wrong. You have done a good job, and contributed a lot," Xinghe agreed.

Sam said expectantly, "Do you think the United Nations will award me some kind of medal? Or even a post or some money?"

"What do you think?" Xinghe turned to ask Mubai.

Mubai said with a wicked smile, "I only remember someone saying he would not ask for anything other than to be a part of the adventure before we left Earth."

Sam was speechless. Did he have to say such a snide comment at a time like that‽

However, Sam continued to convince himself, "I should be awarded something, after all, I am a hero."

Speaking of the word hero, Sam could feel his blood pumping. Like every little boy, his greatest childhood wish was to be a hero who saved the world, and he\'d done just that!

"I will pass up the reward!" Sam suddenly stood up to announce, "What is a reward when compared to the fact that I have managed to fulfill my dream? How many people in the world have had the opportunity to do that? Who would have thought my dream of becoming a hero would be a reality? I knew I was special, you see, I am an impressive character."

Xinghe and Mubai looked at each other with humor in their eyes. They did not make fun of Sam because his contribution was worth respecting, and he did indeed achieve his dream. Not only him, many people had contributed a lot to resolve this crisis facing Earth. In other words, it was due to many people\'s sacrifices and effort that this crisis was able to be resolved.

Therefore, Xinghe was not conceited enough to think she had saved the world. She merely represented the forces that wished for world peace…

Furthermore, she and Mubai were not interested in rewards like fame or money.

George soon arrived with his men. Ee Chen, Ali, and their friends also tagged along. The general atmosphere was celebratory when they saw that Xinghe\'s group was safe and sound.

When they saw Xinghe\'s group, tears welled up in their eyes, like it was a reunion after a long time. They had only been apart for less than ten days, but it felt like decades.

"Xinghe, you guys are wonderful, I am so proud of you!" Ali said excitedly.

Before Xinghe could say anything, Sam lifted his chin slightly and gloated, "Now you finally realize how wonderful your big brother is!"

Ali replied snidely, "I was talking to Xinghe, and not you."

"Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, but do not worry, I can feel your admiration toward me just fine," the thick-skinned Sam said. Even though people were making jokes at his expense, no one dismissed him because he was worthy of all the praise they lavished on him.

George led his men to check up on the fleet of spaceships, and he also went to greet Shi Jian and his men who had come from the moon. Then he said to Xinghe respectfully, "Miss Xia, the cars are all ready, we can depart any moment now."

Xinghe enquired, "Have you found the rest of the spaceships?"

"Don\'t worry, they have all been accounted for. There are people who were assigned to intercept them."

Xinghe nodded. "Good, then we shall leave now."


Just like that, Xinghe\'s group got into the arranged cars and left the scene.