Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 875: Home Sweet Home

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Chapter 875: Home Sweet Home

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"After that, I secretly went to look it up. One of them was called ice-cream. When we return to Earth, I have to eat a lot of ice-cream!" The man who was lost in his food fantasy took a visible gulp of his saliva. Everyone in his vicinity did the same.

"Ice-cream is so pedestrian when we can eat everything we want! Sam said the tastiest food is a chicken wing, so I want to try one."

"I personally want to try seafood, Sam said that is delicious."

"For me, it has to be a hot pot. Sam said, it goes best with beef balls, he said it was the best food in the world."

"But he also said the most delicious food is the perfectly cooked beef steak, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside."

"You\'re wrong, he said the most delicious food is baked mutton. The whole goat was roasted above a fire pit and this kind of primal way of cooking was the best to highlight the ingredient\'s natural flavors."

"But Sam told me the tastiest is lobster. He said that he once cried from how delicious it was."

"But he also said…"

"Enough!" Shi Jian yelled for them to stop. "This is not doing us, especially our stomachs, any good."

The group of men nodded in unison; they could hear their stomachs growling already. They really could not wait to land on Earth.

"Can we start eating when we land on Earth?" someone could not help but ask. They would be dearly disappointed if the answer was no.

"We should ask Sam."

They all turned to look at Sam who was busy taking pictures of Earth from space. Suddenly facing so many beseeching pairs of innocent eyes, Sam shrugged and pointed at Mubai and Xinghe who sat not far away. His meaning was clear: Don\'t come and ask me, ask them.

Naturally, many pairs of eyes shifted to look at the two of them. Mubai looked to Xinghe calmly and whispered, "Can I not shoulder this responsibility?"

These people were led on by Sam, so why should he pay for Sam\'s big mouth?

Xinghe thought about it and answered truthfully, "If you don\'t take them on, they will become my responsibility."

"Alright, I will take them on," Mubai smiled thinly, "Consider them my men, thankfully, they are all geniuses."

Mubai turned to look out the window with a smile, a calculative glow shining in his eyes. He had to properly make use of so many talents or else these people might eat his company empty!

Xinghe studied him and understood what he was thinking. Xinghe smiled internally, but she also worried for him. As unlikely as it sounded, these people were returning to Earth for the sake of food, therefore, she suspected they would create a dent in his account from the food bill alone. Furthermore, he might have to take care of them for the rest of their lives.

Xinghe started to feel pity for Mubai because suddenly he had so many lives he had to take care of. However, thankfully, they were all talents…

Xinghe looked out the window, and a meaningful glow shone in her eyes.

Actually, both of them understood that when these people returned to Earth, they would be the United Nations\' responsibility and not theirs.

After two days of travelling, the spaceship finally reached Earth.

Xinghe\'s group felt their blood boiling as the spaceship touched on Earth\'s ground; they had never loved Earth so much.

Even Shi Jian and the guys who had stayed at the moon for such a long time felt a great sense of belonging within them. The DNA in their bones was telling them that they had finally returned home!