Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 874: It Was Not Hypnosis

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Chapter 874: It Was Not Hypnosis

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The man was knocked out cold by Mubai and was still unconscious, which was why they had not realized it was hypnosis. Thankfully, Sam noticed the incongruous attitude of Kai Li or it would have been an unmitigated disaster. Everyone shivered from the possible consequences.

"But hypnosis does not work on us," Shi Jian said suddenly.

Xinghe, Mubai, and Sam looked at him with shock.

Shi Jian explained slowly, "All of us have strong mental resistance; hypnosis should not work on us. We have done experiments on that."

A medical researcher nodded. "Yes, hypnosis does not work on us, so when you said Kai Li was hypnotized, all of us were shocked."

This time it was Xinghe\'s group who were shocked. Sam said curiously, "If it is not hypnosis, then how can we explain what happened to Kai Li?"

Kai Li quickly added, "I really did not understand what happened to me."

Sam nodded. "Don\'t worry, we believe you."

Kai Li instantly sighed in relief.

"So it was not hypnosis?" Xinghe asked Shi Jian.

Shi Jian answered uncertainly, "I have no clue whether it was or not. I might wrong, after all, we cannot be sure every kind of hypnosis does not work on us."

"But if it is not hypnosis, then what could it be?" Mubai asked with a frown. Xinghe could not come up with an answer either. They could only think of hypnosis, a very powerful one at that. If people like Shi Jian could fall under its influence, then this skill He Lan Yuan used must be incredibly powerful.

Xinghe said coolly, "We really shouldn\'t have underestimated him. We must remind the people from the United Nations to be cautious around him so as to not get hypnotized."

"Definitely," Mubai concurred with a nod.

Sam said with an evil smile, "Then, we should divert all guards away from that old man. Starve him for a day or two, and we\'ll see how he continues to hypnotize people."

Everyone agreed with his proposal. After all, two days of starvation was not enough to kill, but it would be a great punishment for He Lan Yuan.

They still had to keep watch over him, but it was switched to electronic surveillance; no one dared get too close to him.

The spaceship was going to reach Earth soon. Shi Jian had calculated the landing coordinates and time, and then Xinghe transmitted the information through the satellite to Galaxy Control Centre.

Ali and the rest were excited to know that they were going to return soon. Shi Jian and the rest were excited as well. They had forgotten what Earth looked like, but now they could see how beautiful Earth looked from space.

It was night when they neared Earth; the planet lit up like a precious gem from all the glittering city lights. Shi Jian and the men had seen the Milky Way and cosmos but had never once seen Earth from space. The world that was lined and clustered with lights, it was the most beautiful scenery in the entire cosmos.

Shi Jian and the men were bewitched by the scenery and they sighed involuntarily. "I can still remember lifting my head to see the blue sky and white clouds when I was young. I used to think the world was that big."

"Me too. I remember the falling rain and snow, but whenever it snowed, we were barred from leaving the building. I do not know what falling snow actually feels like."

"I remember there was a child always strolling past the orphanage\'s door with different type of food each day. They all looked amazingly appetizing. The food would come to me in my dreams, but I was never once allowed to taste them."