Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 873: I Really Didn't...

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Chapter 873: I Really Didn\'t...

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Kai Li explained desperately, "I did not do that, or at least it was not my intention to do that, you have to believe me. I do not know why that happened, but I really did not intend for it to happen!"

"You didn\'t?" Sam scoffed. "If not for me, we would have all died because of you! Do you really think that pretending to have lost your mind will save you now?"

"But I really didn\'t…" Kai Li explained in a rush, "I also have no idea what came over me, but I did not want to do it, I really didn\'t."

"Then what made you want to do it?" Sam interrogated harshly.

"I, I have no clue…" Kai Li struggled to explain himself, but everything seemed illogical to him as well.

Suddenly, Xinghe\'s clear voice rang out, "Did He Lan Yuan do something to you?"

Kai Li lifted his head to look at Xinghe. With her reminder, he quickly remembered what had happened.

"Yes!" Kai Li nodded, he quickly told them what happened. "When I was given the task to guard over him, he had been staring at me, mumbling something incoherent. It annoyed me, but I did not stop him. Then, I can\'t say what happened, I looked at him and then it just happened…"

Everyone realized something was wrong when they heard Kai Li\'s explanation. There was a greater evil at work here. They all turned to look at Xinghe, expecting her to give them a valid explanation.

Xinghe though turned to Mubai and the latter said directly, "Should be some kind of hypnosis, he hypnotized Kai Li, which explains everything we have seen so far."

"Hypnosis?" Shi Jian was stunned.

Sam\'s lips curled into a cold smile. "That old creep, if he wants to die so badly, I will go kill him!"

"He must be kept alive, we need to hand him over to the United Nations," Xinghe reminded him softly.

Sam knew that, but he was not going to let He Lan Yuan off the hook so easily.

"Then, I will make him half-dead!" Sam rushed into the room that detained He Lan Yuan with his anger blazing. The first thing he did was to launch a punch at He Lan Yuan. He Lan Yuan in his old age, was unable to handle such a punch. A few teeth immediately flew out of his mouth and he started coughing like he was dying.

"You… dare to punch me‽" He Lan Yuan glared evilly at Sam like a demon from hell. The blood dripping from the corner of his mouth only added to his malevolent appearance.

Sam frowned with disgust. "I not only dare to punch you, I dare to kill you as well. Old man, if you dare to pull any tricks again, I\'ll be the first one to end your life!"

Sam then retrieved some tape to cover up He Lan Yuan\'s mouth and eyes. This was the biggest humiliation He Lan Yuan had ever experienced in his life. He struggled angrily, but he was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, there was nothing he could do.

Shi Jian and the rest looked at how the mighty had fallen and had a complicated feeling rising in their chests. However, there was no pity in them. For some reason, they had never had respect toward He Lan Yuan; they\'d mostly only felt fear. Therefore, they would not feel pity toward him.

Outside, Kai Li kept apologizing profusely. Even though he was hypnotized, he blamed himself because he almost caused everyone\'s death.

Xinghe said softly, "Don\'t blame yourself, this is not your fault. Now it looks like the man in the base was innocent too; he probably fell for He Lan Yuan\'s hypnosis."