Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 872: Press that Danger Button

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Chapter 872: Press that Danger Button

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

By then, they just wanted to return to Earth and begin anew. They would leave He Lan Yuan to the United Nations. After they landed on Earth, Xinghe would rid herself of this menace.

However, He Lan Yuan was simply too much of a nuisance. Even though he was tied up and posed no physical threat to anyone, he could still pull some tricks. Xinghe and the rest did not realize this, but Sam did. One of the guys who stood guard over He Lan Yuan suddenly walked out the room and walked straight toward the control panel. Sam frowned when he noticed this.

Sam stared at the man and asked, "Hey, Kai Li, what are you doing?"

Back in the base, Sam had gone around familiarizing himself with the people there. He knew everyone on the spaceship. Therefore, Sam managed to notice how out of character Kai Li was acting.

The young man called Kai Li turned to look at him and answered rather robotically, "Nothing, just looking around."

"What are you looking for?" Sam was alarmed, but this time, Kai Li did not answer him. He strode to the control panel, and his gaze flitted across the many buttons before landing squarely on a dark red danger button.

By then, Sam knew something was wrong. He sensed Kai Li\'s intentions immediately. When Kai Li reached out his hand, Sam howled, "What are you doing?"

His howl caught everyone\'s attention but Kai Li\'s. The man continued reaching for the button…

"Stop!" Sam ran as fast as possible at Kai Li. Seconds before Kai Li\'s fingers reached the button, Sam slammed him away from the control panel and pinned him down on the floor.

Kai Li started struggling like crazy under Sam\'s weight. Sam pressed down on him and demanded angrily, "Have you lost your mind?"

"Let me go!" Kai Li continued to struggle with the power of a madman. His hand kept reaching for that red button. However, his struggle was in vain, he was no match for Sam.

"F*ck—" Sam lost his patience and punched the man right on the side of his head. Kai Li immediately felt the world spinning, and his hand landed to the floor with a weak thud.

Shi Jian and the rest came rushing to surround them.

"What was Kai Li trying to do?" Shi Jian asked in disbelief, even though they had seen what Kai Li was up to with their own two eyes. He was trying… to press that red danger button.

If he had been successful, the spaceship\'s cabin door would have opened, and the spaceship would\'ve exploded. They would all have died! He was trying to destroy to spaceship? But why? Kai Li is not someone who would act that way.

"What he was trying to do? He was trying to kill us!" Sam roared angrily, thinking back to how close Kai Li came to succeeding. His anger infected everyone there.

Shi Jian grabbed at Kai Li\'s collar and interrogated, "Why did you do that?"

Kai Li\'s eyes slowly came into focus as he saw everyone looking down at him with open hostility and disbelief. Subconsciously, he started to panic. "What, what are you guys doing?"

"That should be our question to you. What were you doing? Why did you attempt to kill us?" Shi Jian demanded angrily.

Kai Li was shocked. "I was trying to kill you all? You…"

Suddenly, he seemed to realize what he had done, and his face blanched immediately.