Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 869: You're the One Who's Wrong

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Chapter 869: You\'re the One Who\'s Wrong

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"You should not have been born!" He glared viciously at Xinghe. His gaze was the most disgusting and atrocious gaze Xinghe had ever since in her life. "You do not have the right to exist in this world because your existence is Xia Wa\'s one and only regret in life. If I\'d known she had given birth to a child on Earth, I would have ruined it without a second thought. You deserve death, because you ruined her! Someone like you is not qualified to uphold her glorious legacy!"

"If I am not qualified, then who is?" Xinghe laughed. She was not angered by his words, not even one bit.

He Lan Yuan demanded crazily, "My offspring, of course! Only my own child is qualified to carry her legacy because she and I are superhumans. Other than myself, no human is good enough for her. Who is your father? I am going to kill him! He has corrupted my best creation; I will never forgive him even if I die!"

"You‽" Xinghe laughed haughtily as an ice-cold aura radiated from her body. "You are the only one qualified to be her partner? You even mentioned the biggest regret of her life. Have you ever considered that, perhaps, you are her biggest regret in life?"

"What did you say?" He Lan Yuan glared openly at Xinghe like a leopard ready to pounce.

Xinghe repeated herself, "You are her biggest regret in life, that is why she wants to eliminate you, to ruin everything you have worked for!"

He Lan Yuan was stupefied, staring at Xinghe with his mouth agape. She said that Xia Wa wanted to eliminate him? How was that possible?

"You\'re lying to me!" He Lan Yuan was calm again, but his face was still as creepy as ever. "I have given my everything to cultivate her. I have done everything for her, I lavished her with the best treatment, and I practically raised her. I am her confidant; I am her everything. Why would she want to eliminate me, the person she wants to eliminate is you because you are her biggest regret in life!"

He Lan Yuan got increasingly agitated as he tried to convince himself more than Xinghe. He nodded continuously, saying, "Yes, I am her everything, and you are her biggest regret. She is supposed to eliminate you, yes, you…"

"But the one being destroyed now is you," Xinghe reminded him once more. He Lan Yuan froze on the spot as Xinghe continued nonchalantly, "How else do you explain the fact that I was able to ruin everything you have built?"

He Lan Yuan lifted his face slowly, his sagging face shuddering as he did so. His eyes were darting around as well. Someone of his intellect definitely knew what Xinghe was referring to.

His satellite control system and base defense system were designed by Xia Wa. Only she could hack through the system easily. Therefore, she must have left Xinghe the method to do that; she… wanted to destroy him.

He Lan Yuan\'s lips also started to quiver. He should have thought of that when Xinghe suddenly took over his control of the satellites. He should have happened upon Xinghe\'s relationship to Xia Wa then…

It was because he was unwilling to accept the reality that he continued lying to himself. Why would she betray me?

"Impossible, she has no reason to do this to me, impossible…"