Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 868: Xia Wa's Daughter

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Chapter 868: Xia Wa\'s Daughter

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She said that he was not qualified to know how she did that. "That is because I know who really designed your system. I know the theories behind it, so naturally I know how to hack through them."

What‽ He Lan Yuan whipped his head up and looked at her in disbelief. His eyes stared at her darkly, and surprise and shock were apparent on his face. "You, you are… your mother is…"

Xinghe nodded calmly. "That\'s right, it is her."

"Impossible!" He Lan Yuan gasped. " Xia Wa 1 has no daughter; a woman like her will not give birth because no one in this world is worthy enough to inherit her legacy! No useless human is good enough to sire her children, you cannot be Xia Wa\'s daughter!"

Xia Wa? Xinghe\'s eyes flitted temporarily. She had never known her mother\'s name, her father refused to tell her, apparently it was a promise between her parents. So, her name is Xia Wa…

In the bible, Xia Wa was the first woman God created, the first human being to obtain intelligence. So was there a deeper meaning behind her mother\'s name?

"She said her name is not Xia Wa," Xinghe retorted slowly.

He Lan Yuan laughed mirthlessly. "It was right of her to give you the wrong name because you do not deserve to know her real name. Xia Wa is the name I bequeathed unto her."

"Why?" Xinghe asked.

He Lan Yuan was actually an incredibly lonely person. He was stuck on the moon base with no one to share his inner secrets, so he did not mind sharing them with Xinghe, just like how the villains loved to point out their grand schemes in movies for plot reasons.

"Because she is the most incredible person I have ever cultivated. She has shown immense talent and intelligence since she was still a girl, and she could absorb any new knowledge; she was a learning machine. She is as clever as I am, and she is the only human in this world who I will admit as my kin. From my perspective, she is the first woman in the world to truly possess intelligence and everyone else is equally dumb! Therefore, I named her Xia Wa because there is no better name for her."

"Do you really think you are God?" Xinghe asked coldly.

He Lan Yuan retorted matter-of-factly, "I am God! No one is better than me, and she is my creation, my greatest accomplishment in life. I am her God, and I am God incarnate!"

Xinghe was speechless. She really did not expect that He Lan Yuan would be so conceited. He even considered himself God incarnate…

"Then where is she?" She did not want to waste time and cut straight to the point.

He Lan Yuan\'s excited glow in his eyes suddenly dimmed. There was resentment and pain in his tone when he said, "I do not know where she is."

"If you don\'t, then who does?" Xinghe asked vehemently.

He Lan Yuan roared angrily, "She escaped! I was so nice to her and cultivated her so carefully… I was even willing to share the whole world with her. I spent so much on her, but she had the audacity to escape and took a sizeable group of people with her. For so many years, I have been searching for her, but it was to no avail. I thought she\'d died, who would have thought… she went to Earth and gave birth to a daughter!"

He Lan Yuan\'s gaze on Xinghe suddenly turned scary, like he was intent on erasing her existence. His gaze seemed like he was looking at the world\'s dirtiest thing.