Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 864: Laughing

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Chapter 864: Laughing

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Along the way there, they saw the few of them rushing down toward them. To his surprise, Mubai and Sam carried two persons with them. They were He Lan Yuan and the man who attempted to destroy the defense system! Do they plan to save them?

The base\'s barrier had been opened and the air from the base had rushed out. Xinghe, Mubai, and Sam had their spacesuits on while Mubai and Sam shared their oxygen with the two men they carried on their shoulders.

Mubai and Sam were on the verge of crumbling because they had difficulty breathing and had to carry another person with them. Shi Jian saw this and immediately had his men help them.

Shedding the weight, Mubai and Sam sighed audibly and increased the speed of their footsteps. With the cooperation from everyone, they soon entered the spaceships.

The spaceship had auto oxygen circulatory system, so Sam took off his helmet as the door closed. He crumbled to the floor and started gasping greatly for air. Mubai was doing the same as well. Sweat poured down his face profusely, but his eyes were glowing. There was even a huge smile on his face.

Sam was laughing, then everyone else started laughing. Like a disease, their laughs became louder and louder until the whole spaceship was filled with the sound of their laughter. Weirdly enough, no one spoke, and everyone was lost in the pure joy of laughter.

It was a laughter of sweet ending, a laughter to rejoice, to celebrate a new beginning. Laughter that perfectly described their feelings that were hard to be put into words. A few men even started dancing, at least what they thought was dancing on the moon. The weird twisting movements made Sam laugh even harder.

"Wait, stop, my stomach hurts!" Sam suddenly said with a frown as his hands went to his stomach. Shi Jian and the rest immediately stopped and looked at him with shock.

"Stomach ache? How are you feeling‽" Shi Jian enquired with concern.

"Are you injured?" someone asked worriedly.

"Let me take a look!" A man who studied medicine offered to give him a check-up.

Sam wanted to start laughing again, but he said, "No, I\'m fine, my stomach hurts from laughing too much, that\'s all."

Shi Jian and the rest were stunned, the stomach could hurt from laughing too much?

Very soon, they realized a rather uncomfortable sensation settling down the pit of their stomach. Shi Jian and the rest sighed silently. Shi Jian said with tears in his eyes, "After thirty years, this is the first time I\'ve stumbled upon the knowledge that one could get stomach ache from laughing too hard. In fact, this is the first time I have laughed with such happy abandon."

"Me too."

"Me too…" Everyone else nodded in agreement. They lamented their earlier life, which was no different from a living death. Every waking minute was spent doing research mechanically. The past decade of life was less than the past few minutes of happiness.

They swore to not return to that kind of lifestyle anymore. They had tasted happiness and would not want to continue their life in such dull manner anymore.

Shi Jian suddenly turned to Xinghe and bowed deeply to her. "Miss Xia, thank you for saving all our lives! We will never forget the kindness that you have showed us today and the new life you have given us. Miss Xia, thank you very much!"

"Miss Xia, thank you very much!" Everyone else also bowed deeply at her.

Xinghe said rather uncomfortably, "There is no need to thank me, you should thank yourself instead."