Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 860: Activated the Defence System

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Chapter 860: Activated the Defence System

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe said, "We will be going now."

Mubai and Xinghe stood up to leave. They were going down the staircase from fifth floor to the fourth floor when Mubai suddenly stopped moving. Xinghe turned to ask, "What\'s wrong?"

Mubai\'s brows furrowed deeply. "Something is not right."

Xinghe instantly realized what he was talking about, the person who came to inform them did not follow them.

"Something is not right with that man!" Xinghe blurted out.

"Stay here, I will go look," Mubai reminded her as he rushed back up the stairs. Xinghe, of course, would not let him go alone, so she quickly followed. Mubai was incredibly fast; he reached the control room soon enough. He opened the door to see the man destroying the computers in there.

"Stop what you\'re doing!" Mubai\'s eyes immediately darkened. The man did not heed his advice but lifted up the chair beside him and swung it at the computer. Mubai leaped forward and knocked the man off his feet at the very last minute.

"Let me go!" The man who was pressed under him struggled greatly. Mubai gripped the man\'s shirt, smiled wickedly at him, and punched him right on his nose. The man almost coughed out blood from the force and instantly lost all power to fight back.

However, Mubai did not stop there. He continued raining punches on him until the man was unconscious. While that was happening, Xinghe was busy checking the computers.

Mubai walked over and asked in a serious tone, "How\'s everything looking?"

Xinghe replied with a drawn face as her fingers danced over the keyboard, "He seems to have activated the defense system…"

"What?" Mubai was slightly taken aback before his face also hardened.

Xinghe then confirmed in a severe tone, "Yes, he did! The base\'s defense system has been activated!"

As she said so, sirens started ringing all over the base. The faces of the people in the base changed when they heard the sirens.

Then, they heard He Lan Yuan\'s manic cackle. From the building that he stayed in, his voice radiated throughout the base, almost everyone could him. The combination of the base\'s sirens and He Lan Yuan\'s laugh was like a vice clamping over everyone\'s heart.

After a small pause, everyone in the base rushed towards the central building. They all wanted to know what had happened. Had the defense system really been activated?

Shi Jian and Sam were at the front. They rushed into the control room, scanned around, and seemed to know what had happened instantly.

"What happened?" Shi Jian still asked as he caught his breath. Mubai retold the events roughly.

Shi Jian hissed angrily, "He must have been influenced by He Lan Yuan! Only He Lan Yuan knows how to activate the defense system, but hasn\'t he lost it… or he was faking it the whole time‽"

"That insane old coot, I will go end him now!" Sam rushed back out in an angry fit.

"Wait," Xinghe suddenly said. Sam stopped and turned to look back at her with a confused expression.

Xinghe stood up to address everyone who had gathered there. "From this second onward, no one is allowed to waste any more time. Go make the necessary preparations and gather at the spaceships. I will use my fastest speed to undo the defense system and open the barrier. If we\'re lucky, we might still survive this."