Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 859: Feed My Addiction

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Chapter 859: Feed My Addiction

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Xinghe blinked and then realized what he was talking about. She laughed. "But Sam said any man will fall for it, he said that even you will be no exception."

There was a trace of anger in his eyes. "He was trying to pull us apart?"

"He might have been, but it was dumb."

"It is," Mubai observed with a smirk. "I am not like him; he might be addicted but I won\'t because only you can feed my addiction."

His sweet talk had gotten so much smoother; however, it was increasingly easy on Xinghe\'s ears. She would feel sweet every time he did such things. No wonder they said sweet talk was a woman\'s biggest downfall. Then she thought, Perhaps it\'s not so bad to have fallen for this man.

Thinking about that, Xinghe could not help but smile.

Seeing her charming smile, Mubai\'s smile deepened. "What are you smiling about?"

"No reason, suddenly I wish to leave this place and go home."

When they were on Earth, nothing felt special. Only after leaving did they realize how wonderful Earth was. They were only there for a few days and already she could not wait to return home. She wanted to return to City T with Mubai to see their son and family.

Mubai\'s eyes darkened. "I also wish to return early, but there is still no news regarding your mother."

He had spent the last few days asking around, but no one seemed to know where Xinghe and Ee Chen\'s parents had disappeared to. The few who knew them all said they disappeared many years ago and did not show themselves again.

Some said that He Lan Yuan had them secretly executed for betraying him, while others said they escaped the place because they could not stand the life there anymore. Other than He Lan Yuan, no one knew actually what happened, but alas, He Lan Yuan had gone mad. Therefore, their trail had gone cold again.

The smile on Xinghe\'s face disappeared and she said, "No matter, since they are not here, then they must be somewhere else. As long as they are still alive, they will one day show up."

"Yes, I believe so too," Mubai said confidently. "Don\'t worry yourself too much over this. I will try my best to look for her after we return to Earth. If she is back on Earth, we will be able to find her."

"Okay." Xinghe nodded and put the issue on the backburner. After all, there was no point dwelling on it, she was not one to worry about something she could not control. Her goal then was to solve the system and help everyone there return home.

"I will try my best to solve the system today, go busy yourself with your work, I have to start focusing on mine," Xinghe told Mubai directly.

"I have nothing else important to worry about, I will stay to accompany you."

The minute Mubai said that, a man suddenly walked in to inform them, "Mr. Xi, Miss Xia, sorry to disturb. Mr. Shi Jian requested me to come get you two to meet him, he said he has something important to discuss with you, so please follow me."

Mubai and Xinghe hesitated. Xinghe asked, "Did he say what this is about?"

"It sounds like it is about the base\'s spaceships."

Over the past two days, Shi Jian and the rest had been checking and preparing the spaceships. Once the defense system was taken down, they would leave on the spaceships. It sounded like something was wrong with the spaceships, this was a huge problem.