Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 858: Care About Me So Much

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Chapter 858: Care About Me So Much

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However, Sam was afraid they would take too long to design this, so he spent everyday living in the virtual world while he still had the chance. Xinghe was not surprised by this development. Sam was a gamer, so she expected as much.

However, Sam became rather addicted, he would skip sleep just to immerse himself in the virtual world. Sam was someone with great self-control, since even he had fallen to the addiction, then the world would probably end up with more people addicted to this device if they brought this technology home with them.

Xinghe told Mubai, "We should discuss this with Shi Jian. Maybe stall the research progress on this virtual reality device when they return to Earth."

Mubai had no issues with that. He said with a smirk, "Your worry is not unfounded. However, one day, this technology will still surface."

"That is a worry for the future."

"But this is such an unusually cruel punishment for Sam. He will be very disappointed since he has tasted the joy of this virtual reality already."

Xinghe said quite heartlessly, "That is not my problem; it\'s not my issue that his self-control is so weak. What about you, have you tried it yet?"

She did not believe Mubai had not. He must have tasted all the advanced technology available there. He was an extremely business-minded person, he would not give up on any opportunity to earn money. If this virtual reality device was sold on Earth, it would bring him immense wealth, how could he pass up such a good opportunity?

As she expected, Mubai nodded. "Yes, I have tried it once and I have to admit, their technological level is indeed very advanced."

"Is it fun?" Xinghe pressed.

Mubai grinned wickedly. "There are many worlds for you to choose, some are quite interesting, others I have no interest in. But overall, it is a great invention, at least greater than all the gaming devices we currently have on the market."

"I hear from Sam there is a harem world and he said it was very fun, what do you think?" Xinghe continued to ask.

Mubai finally understood the purpose of her questioning, she was laying a trap for him.

There was no one else in the control room. He stood up and walked to her side. He bent his body and lowered his face to right before hers, his nose almost touching hers. Xinghe did not move out of his way, she stared right into his dark eyes.

"I had no idea you cared about me so much," Mubai said with a pleased grin. "You don\'t like me playing that game?"

Xinghe did not answer him directly but smiled slightly. "I was only asking your opinion on it, don\'t read too much into it."

"But I already have read too much into it, what shall I do about that?" Mubai said in a gleeful rasp.

Xinghe could not help but whisper intimately, "I don\'t know, what do you have in mind?"

The man\'s tapered fingers caressed her chin and hissed passionately, "I have a reward in mind for you."

"Reward for me?" Xinghe was confused.

"Yes, reward for caring about me or else how am I going to make sure you will keep doing it?" Mubai then pressed on her lips with a smile.

Xinghe\'s eyes shuddered before she closed her eyes. The man\'s fingers combed her long hair and his lips pressed down harder on her. His every kiss was a great mix of passion and gentleness.

Xinghe had to admit that every time he kissed her, she would feel charmed, because his scent was all too alluring…

For him, Xinghe was like a forbidden drug. Mubai had to force himself to end the kiss every time. He massaged Xinghe\'s temple, looked into her beautiful and slightly alert eyes and whispered lovingly, "I am not interested in that world, so I did not try it."