Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 855: Rubbish!

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Chapter 855: Rubbish!

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Shi Jian said dumbly, "I cannot remember, I think that the food at the orphanage wasn\'t that great. At least I cannot remember tasting anything worth remembering at the orphanage."

Xinghe\'s group was surprised that the He Lan family even did something to their food to train them.

It made sense in a twisted way. If they got used to food on Earth, they would not be able to familiarize themselves with the food on the moon. They would rebel. Therefore, to train their obedience, they must have been deterred from tasting anything enjoyable.

Sam slammed on the table angrily. "This He Lan family is really worse than animals! They have taken all of your basic human rights; they did not even have the heart to give the children good food. The most delicious food you have here is really not that delicious!"

Sam grabbed something that looked like a biscuit. He took a bite out of the hardened pastry and spat it out after two chews.

"This is even worse, not even beggars would eat it. What is this made out of? Mud, how can it be so nasty?"

A few people around them looked at the biscuit in their hands. Is this thing really that nasty… But we have been eating them every day.

Sam tried all the food there and spat them all out. He then launched into a tirade.

"I\'ll be honest, you all have to return to Earth! These advanced technologies, world or space domination, just forget about it! I\'d rather be a beggar on Earth than a scientist here! This world does not have real sky, real trees, and not even real food like roast duck, seafood, beef steak, fresh fruits, and vegetables; what is the point of living? This base should be leveled because this is such a cruel prison. I have only been here for half a day and already I want to kill myself. What kind of life have you guys been living?"

Sam scanned everyone there and asked, "Do any of you understand the meaning of joy and happiness?"

The crowd shook their heads unconsciously.

Sam smiled gloatingly and said, "Happiness is eating meat by big chunks and downing bottles of wine one after another. For others, it may be a day in the sun, enjoying the touch of sun on one\'s skin. Either way, these are the simplest happiness that anyone could enjoy on Earth, yet none of you have even experienced them."

Shi Jian\'s group fell into silence. An indescribable sadness and melancholy spread through the room. Were their lives really that bad?

Their biggest wish was something readily available to the common man on Earth.

They had spent their whole lives researching, working, trying to improve their technology and what did they get in return?


If anything, their most basic right, to be happy, was taken away from them!

Shi Jian and the others there felt a heavy weight on their hearts. A few men among them even started weeping. One of them took a visible gulp of his saliva and asked Sam, "The different foods that you\'ve mentioned, are they really that tasty?"

Sam nodded with a grin. "Of course! If I am lying to you then may God smite me right this moment. Earth\'s food is at least one thousand times tastier than what you can imagine!"