Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 854: The Sweetest Food Here

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Chapter 854: The Sweetest Food Here

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Xinghe and Mubai could not help but think, Thankfully these people were not corrupted by He Lan Yuan, or else even without He Lan Yuan, they would be able to dominate the world.

Therefore, even if Xinghe could help them solve their base\'s defense system, she would have to wait for the military to arrive first, or at least until she received one hundred percent confirmation that they were willing to return to Earth. Regardless, everyone there had to be taken away, leaving them there would only create a hidden threat for Earth.

No one could guarantee that these people would not suddenly lose their minds and follow in He Lan Yuan\'s footsteps.

Of course, Shi Jian was not privy to their internal thoughts. He led them to the only dining area in the base. The place would provide daily food and the people inside the base were allowed to have their fill for free. To welcome them, the base had purposely cooked a wealth of food. However, as the food was set before them, Xinghe\'s group was dumbfounded.

Sam used the spoon to poke at the bowl of indeterminate porridge-like goo and asked with a frown, "What is this?"

Shi Jian introduced, "This is the most delicious nutrient porridge we have at the base, it contains more than ten important nutrients. We are only allowed to have them once every month. To welcome all of you, we purposely prepared this. It is very healthy and good for you, so please enjoy."

"But… is this thing really edible?" Sam\'s brows were still furrowed. The thing was dark like tar and was stickier than glue. Shi Jian did not explain and scooped a huge spoonful into his mouth. He ate with gusto and Sam was persuaded to try a cautious mouthful.

Then, he made… a curious face. Xinghe and Mubai stared at him, waiting to hear his judgement.

Shi Jian asked with a worried face, "Why, is it not good?"

Sam gulped the porridge down and asked Shi Jian confusedly, "Is this really the most delicious food you have in this base?"

Shi Jian nodded. "Yes, I have already forgotten what Earth food taste like, so is this not suitable for your palette?"

"Yes, it does need some getting used to, but it is not so bad," Sam said tactfully. "But this thing doesn\'t have a definite taste other than a mild sweetness."

A big smile split Shi Jian\'s face and this was the first time they saw his sincere smile.

"You are right, it is very sweet, so all of us love it."

Sam replied, "Very sweet?"

"Yes, this is the sweetest food we have."

Sam suddenly felt a great rush of pity towards them!

He looked at Shi Jian with tears in his eyes and sighed deeply. "Mr. Shi Jian, I have to say, your decision to leave is correct! Even for the food alone, you should return to Earth. Do you have any idea that this most delicious food you have here is not something people on Earth would even consider as food? We have over ten thousand types of food and each has its own unique taste. You will need a lifetime to finish tasting the sweet food alone. I swear if you have a taste of Earth\'s food, you will not want to return to this place again!"

Sam\'s voice was loud and booming. Almost everyone at the dining area heard him. Everyone whipped their head around to look at him and had stopped eating. There was longing in everyone\'s eyes.

Shi Jian wheezed out in disbelief, "There are really so many different types of food and they are all so delicious?"

They really could not imagine any food that could be more delicious than their nutrient porridge.

"Didn\'t you guys taste that food before when you were at the orphanage?" Sam asked with curiosity.