Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 853: Paralysis

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Chapter 853: Paralysis

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe and Mubai had a glimpse into He Lan Yuan\'s twisted nature. One of the reasons he chose to live on the moon was probably to avoid reality.

"You guys are researching memory cells and DNA modification, right?" Xinghe asked Shi Jian softly.

Shi Jian was shocked. "How did you know?"

"I will tell you in detail when the opportunity arises." Xinghe did not want to go into it then, because this was not something that could be explained in broad strokes.

Shi Jian nodded with understanding. "You are right, we have been researching these two technologies. We have made some progress, but we are unable to reach real success."

"This is because He Lan Yuan wants to change a new body, right?" Xinghe asked.

Shi Jian was shocked once more. "You even managed to guess that… You\'re right, he has been dying to change to a new body, but unfortunately, the research stagnated many years ago."

Sam finally understood everything. "I thought he only wanted to rule the world, at the end of day, his main goal was to redo himself, just how selfish and self-loathing can one person be?"

Mubai said solemnly, "It is because his desire was so strong that his mind broke when his hope was taken away."

Shi Jian nodded. "Yes, he could not stand to see his whole life\'s work going up in smoke and lost his sanity. Let us go now before he notices we are here; he can still be quite dangerous when he runs amok."

Xinghe\'s group had lost interest in studying He Lan Yuan, so they quickly left with Shi Jian. After they left the building, Shi Jian brought them to a nearby residential area to enjoy a meal.

Since He Lan Yuan had lost it and the base was going to explode, everyone in the base had stopped working. However, Shi Jian said most of them chose to stay at home and not disturb them. Therefore, they did not run into anyone during their tour.

As they ventured into the residential area, the size of the crowd increased. Many who noticed them could not help but stop in their tracks to look at them. However, none approached them, they only looked at them with something akin to disinterest.

They noticed from Shi Jian and these people that their faces were always a mask of indifference, it was as if they had no emotions. This probably had plenty to do with their dull, mechanical lifestyle.

The design of the residential area at least had some human touch to it. The houses looked like exquisite individual villas and they were incredibly colorful. It created a world of colors. The surrounding area was well constructed as well. There were fountains and flowerbeds, albeit fake.

Speaking of fountains, Mubai was curious about where their drinkable water came from.

Shi Jian explained, "We have a factory that purposely deal with that; the water we use is made from hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Earth will also send us a constant supply of chemical elements and food, so we have been surviving on them."

Xinghe and Mubai were shocked again. They even managed to create water out of literally thin air. There was possibly nothing that they could not do then.

"Every time the He Lan family wanted to launch satellites or spaceship, this base would obscure Earth\'s satellite surveillance, right?" Xinghe could not help but ask.

Shi Jian nodded. "Yes, we took over Earth\'s satellites a long time ago. Every time the He Lan family launched satellite or spaceship, we would mess with the surveillance or else we would have been discovered a long time ago."