Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 852: Ugly Old Man

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Chapter 852: Ugly Old Man

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Since this building was He Lan Yuan\'s residence, it had always been giving out such holy-looking light. They had turned it into He Lan Yuan\'s prison and only he stayed there now. He Lan Yuan was detained on the building\'s top floor.

The building had seven floors in total, and each floor had its own unique purpose.

The ground floor was the lobby, the second was He Lan Yuan\'s meeting room, the third the information storage, fourth was He Lan Yuan\'s research lab, the fifth the information control room, sixth was He Lan Yuan\'s recreation center, and the seventh was his living area.

Xinghe was led up the building, and when they reached the sixth floor, Sam asked, "You said this floor is for recreation? But I only see these weird machines and that huge screen, what is it for? Gaming?"

The spacious room had a wall that was fitted with a large electronic screen and before it was an elaborate chair that looked more like a cabin. Even Xinghe could not understand what the thing was for.

Shi Jian roughly explained, "That is a full-sense virtual reality device. If you sit in it, you can experience the simulated world that appears on screen. The things that happened in the virtual world, you will feel in person. A change of the world will give you a totally different experience."

Sam widened his eyes in shock. "Is it really so amazing?"

"Yes, this is the best entertainment we have in here. There are virtual world testing cabins available outside, you can try it any time if you are interested in it."

Sam remembered that offer immediately. However, Xinghe and Mubai were not that interested. This kind of technology Earth also had, but only in theoretical form, the people on the moon had already built it. He Lan Yuan had made almost all theoretical experiments a reality here.

The moon base was a world of sci-fi. Those that loved this genre would love this place dearly.

After the brief tour, they were ready to go up to the seventh floor to meet He Lan Yuan. Xinghe\'s group straightened their backs. They were still nervous about meeting him because He Lan Yuan was no ordinary person.

"He is just inside, but he has lost his sanity and has retreated into his own world. Therefore, I believe he will not respond to any of you in any way," Shi Jian reminded them as he pushed open the heavy door.

There was still a steel bar door inside; they could only see He Lan Yuan through the bars.

To their horrid surprise, the He Lan Yuan in detention was completely different from the perfect man who they saw.

The person inside was a fragile-looking, wizened, ugly old man who was less than 130 centimeters in height!

He sat rocking in his chair and stared outside the small window in the room. He mumbled soundlessly to himself.

"That is He Lan Yuan?" Sam gasped.

Shi Jian nodded. "Yes, that is what he really looks like. The person you saw on Earth was not the real him. It was a simulated persona because he detests his own looks."

"No wonder he hated Mubai so much!" Sam said as comprehension dawned. He Lan Yuan probably saw the youthfulness and good looks that he had lost in Mubai.