Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 850: A Caged Existence

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Chapter 850: A Caged Existence

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Shi Jian nodded. "Yes, other than the structure itself, everything here is a trick. Please follow us, we will give you a tour of the base."

That was what Xinghe was going to suggest. Honestly, they were curious about the place. It was like discovering a new world.

The base was big, but it could still be traversed on foot. Walking on the surface that had been levelled smooth, taking in the scenery, the trio really felt they were still back on Earth. However, they knew the scenery was all fake.

Shi Jian explained, "The base has its own gravity system and oxygen circulation. After several decades of upgrade and construction, on the surface, this place looks just like Earth. Of course, it is ultimately not Earth. The simulated environment is actually incredibly dull. Since everyone here is expected to devote their whole life to research, no one is supposed to have to enjoy nature. Therefore, such a degree of nature was supposed to satisfy us."

Sam asked with disbelief, "How did you all manage to survive here for the past decade?"

Shi Jian smiled bitterly. "Almost everyone here was sent to this place when they were young. We spent our childhood in an enclosed place, so we do not know much about the outside world. That is why we can afford to live such a caged existence, but…"

Shi Jian paused before sighing, "But we are still humans, we still wish for a normal life. Deep within our hearts is the hope to return to Earth, to touch real grass, and to feel the real wind. This wish is not visceral enough to distract our research, but it would still affect us once in a while. And this wish would always be there as long as we\'re trapped here. I fear we will one day go crazy if we are not allowed to return to Earth to enjoy freedom that we deserve. Most of us can still tolerate this kind of life for now, but I can see the breaking point coming."

Sam was instantly silenced. He could feel the frustration from Shi Jian\'s words. Being trapped in such an emotionless place for life would not be worse than actual torture. If he was prevented from experiencing nature and freedom for life, he would definitely go insane.

"I had no idea this is the situation you all grew up in," Xinghe said softly. This means her mother also grew up in such an environment…

Shi Jian looked at her and said rather excitedly, "Therefore, we begged you to come save us! Miss Xia, only you can break us out of this place and help us return to Earth!"

Xinghe nodded. "Don\'t worry, I promise to try my best."

Shi Jian turned serious and gave her a deep bow. "Miss Xia, if you can help us, then you will forever be our savior. We will listen to your orders from now on as sign of our gratitude!"

Xinghe said softly, "There is no need for that, I am only doing my responsibility. Furthermore, I cannot guarantee one hundred percent that I will be able to help you."

Shi Jian still added with appreciation, "Even if you can\'t, we will always remember your kindness."