Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 846: Unlikely Happenstance

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Chapter 846: Unlikely Happenstance

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They were all glad to be part of that moment because they were a part of a world-wide change.

Xinghe did not envision that she would one day fly into space. It was the same for Mubai and Sam. Their mission was truly one of a kind. They did not expect such an important mission to fall on their shoulders. If not for Xinghe, this kind of happenstance would be extremely unlikely.

Sam could still remember that not long ago he was still eking out a living on Country Y\'s streets. Who would have thought his fate would have such a drastic change?

God had arranged for SamWolf and Xinghe to meet and their lives had been changed completely by that chance meeting. They played a part in Country Y\'s presidential election and helped vanquished IV Syndicate. Then, they even saved the world…

Now, he was following Xinghe to go into space. Sam felt like he was dreaming; how could he be so lucky in life?

Mubai was thinking the same thing. He did not expect that so many things would happen in just a short span of two years, and all of those changes were due to this woman, Xia Xinghe. She was one of a kind; she was one of the few people alive who could change the world.

The thought of spending the rest of his life with this woman submerged Mubai in a pool of happiness. He no longer cared about money and fame; the only thing he wanted was to be by her side forever, no matter where she might end up.

Therefore, the two men were happy as could be as they headed into unknown space; they did not feel anxiety or fear.

Xinghe was feeling the same way. Even if the future was an unknown, she was not anxious about it. If anything, she had huge anticipation for this unusual journey.

The people on Earth watched at the spaceship disappeared into the sky. They sighed in relief. If there were no accidents, they would land successfully on the moon.

After a series of changes in coordinates, Xinghe used about three days to reach the moon. The moment the spaceship landed on solid ground, their hearts were lighter in spirit.

However, this did not mean that they relaxed, because they knew they were going to come face-to-face with many unexpected difficulties soon.

"Perhaps that is their base." Inside the spaceship, Mubai observed a large dark colored building through his telescope. The building exuded a dim glow under the weak light. They could immediately see that the building was made out of black energy crystals.

Xinghe nodded. "Should be, let me contact Shi Jian."

Xinghe opened the communication and soon reached Shi Jian. The latter was happy knowing that they had arrived. "Miss Xia, we spotted your spaceship. Do come in; I am sorry because we are unable to go welcome you."

"How do we enter the base?" Xinghe got straight to the point.

Shi Jian answered, "Do not worry. There is only one door inside the base that is locked, you can just walk in."


After Xinghe hung up, she told Mubai and Sam, "Let us go."

"No problem!" Sam replied excitedly. Then, the three of them put on their spacesuits and oxygen tanks as they prepared to descend the spaceship.

This was the first time that they were going to walk on the moon. Studying the bumpy ground that stretched beyond the horizon, their emotions were complicated.